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Prepress tips for graphic designers

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When you design artwork for print, standard practice is to send a PDF to your printer. But are you 100% sure you got the settings right? Are you confident the size is correct? Have the colours been set to print standards or client brand guidelines? What about font usage?

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Top ten problems in file prep for print

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The following is a print-primer guest post from NetPublications, an “award-winning on-demand printing, publishing and fulfillment company with 25 years of experience in the book and manual business.”

There’s a lot to consider before printed products can go to press, so we’ve compiled a list of the top ten problems that occur when a printing company receives your files. By following this checklist, you can avoid many of these problems.

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HP invent

HP invent

Hewlett Packard set a design brief for the D&AD Student Awards. One result stands out.

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Musings on book writing

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I’ve been asked to author the first logo design book from Peachpit Press.

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Are you an eco-friendly designer?

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The environment is under more threat today than it ever has been, and responsibility lies with all of to do what we can to help. Here are three very simple steps that designers can take to help the environment.

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