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Printing Flaunt


Armin Vit answered a few questions about the printing and packaging of UCllc’s latest book release.

Letterpress and edge painting by kikisoso

kikisoso letterpress card

Printed in-house using a Golding Jobber from the 1880s, onto Gmund cotton 600gsm.

Banknotes for the visually impaired

Canadian banknote

Only the United States prints bills that are identical in size and colour in all their denominations.

In production

Work for Money, Design for Love goes to press this week.

Work for Money, Design for Love spine mockup

Print vendors: a few handy resources

Woodtype specimen CMYK

A good working relationship with a printer can help cut the cost of your print projects. But first you obviously need to find a reliable vendor.

Paper from G . F Smith

G.F Smith paper samples

The postman brought a nice surprise earlier.

From the reader #6

Specsavers lettering

How lettering is made for public display.

Dayfold’s Little Black Book

Dayfold Print Little Black Book

Dayfold’s Little Black Book is a useful print guide for designers and print buyers.

Recommended UK commercial printers

coloured paper stock

Finding a reliable commercial printer can take some time. Here’s a head start — UK print companies recommended by a few of the UK’s top (and friendliest) designers and design studios.

(Updated with reader favourites.)

Figuring out the Amazon Sales Rank logo

I’m keen to know how book sales are going, so it makes sense to check the stats provided by the world’s largest bookseller, Amazon. The retailer displays what’s known as the Amazon Sales Rank.

Hatch Show Print

Hatch Show Print

A fascinating eight-minute look at Hatch Show Print, a 130 year-old working letterpress shop (established 1879) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prepress tips for graphic designers

wooden typeset

When you design artwork for print, standard practice is to send a PDF to your printer. But are you 100% sure you got the settings right? Are you confident the size is correct? Have the colours been set to print standards or client brand guidelines? What about font usage?

Top ten problems in file prep for print

pink flower

The following guest post is a print-primer from NetPublications, a digital printing, publishing and fulfilment company with 25 years’ experience.

HP invent

HP invent

Hewlett Packard set a design brief for the D&AD Student Awards. One result stands out.

Musings on book writing

pencil eraser

I’ve been asked to author the first logo design book from Peachpit Press.

Are you an eco-friendly designer?

environment scenery

The environment is under more threat today than it ever has been, and responsibility lies with all of to do what we can to help. Here are three very simple steps that designers can take to help the environment.

12 money-saving questions to ask before printing your promotional material

coloured paper samples

There are questions you should ask at the beginning to prevent costly errors.

How paper can critically affect the colour of your printed product


Have clients ever asked why their marketing material hasn’t printed the colour they requested?

Personal card design

Personal business card design

Printed on white 330gsm Plike, black on the front and pearl white foil blocking on the back.

File preparation for commercial print

CMYK cube

The printer doesn’t have the fonts, the files don’t work, the paper you ordered isn’t made anymore and you forgot to add bleeds in your files, and when your head is reeling and you’re freaking out, they tell you they can’t possibly make your deadline.

Now what happens?

Design guide for print


I’ve learned that by streamlining the prepress process I am able to pass significant savings onto my clients. My prepress guidelines let me bypass common mistakes made when digital artwork is prepared for print.

Here I show how you can save money when printing.