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NiftyFifty posters

A poster project where 50 designers/studios from around the world put their visual interpretation on the word “Money.”

It’s All Our Blood

It’s all our blood poster

Harry Pearce was asked to design a poster exploring the enduring effects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

No More Landmines

No More Landmines poster

Graphic Advocacy is a collection of empathetic and visually compelling messages for our time.

Comic Sans for Cancer

Comic Sans for Cancer

An upcoming exhibition of posters inspired by the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans.

Guinness Extra Cold posters

Guinness Extra Cold poster

Good ideas don’t need embellishment.

150 years of designs for the Dutch Postal Services

Dutch postal service

I just spent too long looking at design history from the Dutch Postal Services.

The Tate Gallery by Tube

The Tate Gallery by Tube poster

A fantastic poster created by David Booth some 25 years ago.

Soirée Graphique

Soirée Graphique poster design

“A graphic designer faced with no content should create something without content.”

International Year of Chemistry

International Year of Chemistry poster design

It’s the International Year of Chemistry, and graphic designer Simon C Page (previously featured for his Year of Astronomy posters) has created a set of ten promotional poster designs.

Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design

Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design

“…before we worked together, he was a legend in my eyes. His designs, for film titles and company logos and record albums and posters, defined an era.”

some prints

Velvet Underground poster

Get yourself a free A2 print by Stockport-based Graphic Nothing.

Guinness for Strength


Love these vintage ‘Guinness for Strength’ posters, but don’t think the message would fly nowadays.

Year of Astronomy poster design

astronomy poster design

Simon Page is a self-taught graphic designer from the UK with an emphasis on typographic art, illustration and geometric design. Here’s a selection along with Simon’s commentary.

FAB Creative Excellence Awards

FAB Awards

Two days left to enter 2009’s FAB Awards (Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards).

Helvetica NOW poster design contest

Helvetica poster design

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica™ typeface, Linotype™ invited designers worldwide to take part in the Helvetica NOW poster design contest.

Your favourite World Cup poster design?

World Cup 2010 posters

Do you think it’s a good idea to open the design process up to the public?

Russian poster design inspiration

Russian poster design inspiration

With over 2,000 Russian poster designs, this website has plenty to get you inspired.

Various flyer designs

MC Soom T flyer design

Included here are some of the flyers I’ve designed for the music industry.

Music band poster design inspiration

Dave Matthews poster is a site devoted to showcasing poster designs for the music industry. There’s a lot of underwhelming design in there (to be expected with the vast amount of posters available), but if you take a little time to browse you can find some gems.

Poster design inspiration from Switzerland

Swiss poster 1

For the poster design lovers out there I recommend a tour of this Swiss poster collection. The one above was designed by Ralph Schraivogel, Zürich, in 1994.

Infantry poster from Lippa Pearce

INFANTRY poster by Lippa Pearce

This INFANTRY poster is one of the sharpest poster executions I’ve seen.

Screamfest poster designs

Screamfest poster 1

Posters designed to advertise Screamfest — a Los Angeles independent horror film festival.

BMW’s manual gear shift

BMW gear shift ad

A new ad from BBDP & Fils for BMW’s 7 Series.

Einstein drank Guinness

New Guinness ad

Guinness haved launched a few new ads of late, from AMVBBDO ad agency in London. Some of the classic TV ads are hard to top.

Pharma ads from decades past

Alca Butazolidina

There’s an intersting collection of pharamceutical print ads from the 50s, 60s and 70s over at ex-novo’s Espacios publicitarios album.

Smoking ruins lives

Tobacco danger

Ask the children of smoker parents.

Hoover advertisment

Hoover advertisment

A top example of print advertising.

Homer Simpson + John Wayne = George Bush

This print ad for Mexican newspaper – Milenio Diario – caught my attention as a light-hearted piece of work.

Milenio George Bush Homer Simpson

The strapline reads, “Such a complex world needs a good explanation”.