David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

Here’s a great wallpaper image resource

Leaf and raindrops

Socksoff.co.uk is a nice wallpaper image resource.

Socksoff is a personal, non-commercial site, no pop-ups, pop-unders, banners or those pesky little ad’s that float across the screen. It first went live on 12th June 2004 with just a small collection of links, and has grown into what it is today, still a small collection of links.

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Royalty-free stock photography

Winter stock photo

Three useful sources for royalty-free images.

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Pharma ads from decades past

Alca Butazolidina

There’s an intersting collection of pharamceutical print ads from the 50s, 60s and 70s over at ex-novo’s Espacios publicitarios album.

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Wordless Wednesday

Dunluce Castle

Just a little something to break up the logo design projects.

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Who is Merkley???

Photography by Merkley???

If you’re like me you’ll appreciate good photography. This photography slideshow offers some very nice inspiration. There’s some tasteful nudity however so it might not be the most ‘work-safe’.

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