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The real value of keyword-rich domains

http domain name

I thought I’d share the importance of keywords within domain names.

When logos fail, in Digital Arts

Digital Arts magazine

Inside this month’s issue of Digital Arts is a feature about logo design.
I was interviewed, with Jerry Kuyper, and we discussed when logos fail.

Why are designers never 100% satisfied?

orange pacman eating limes

Ask any designer if they’re 100% satisfied with their work, and whether openly admitted or not, there’s a very high chance of a negative response.

4 Phases of Internet Marketing FREE report

Purple Internet Marketing

David Bain, fellow Edinburgh resident and founder of Purple Internet Marketing Ltd, has just launched The 4 Phases of Internet Marketing, a free 61 page PDF report that provides an overview of Internet marketing.

For my personal summary of each section, read on.

Online marketing for logo designers

bar chart sketch

I specialise in brand identity design, but that’s not to say I should focus 100% of my efforts on marketing myself as such.

Scotland’s first Adage Power 150 blog

Adage Power 150

My humble blog is Scotland’s top entry into the Adage Power 150.

How I reversed my Google ranking penalty

Google penalty

Yesterday, through a large increase in site visitors, I discovered that my Google penalty had been lifted. In this post, I’m going to tell you why I was penalised by Google, what I did to have the penalty removed, and how you can avoid a similar penalty for your website.

Advertising to children: right or wrong?

McDonalds apple

To a kid, everything’s better in a McDonald’s wrapper.

Five ways to build trust online


Five simple steps that have helped me build trust online.

Beer 2.0.1 evening at WhiteSpace

David Airey graphic designer

Edinburgh’s Beer 2.0 evening was a good chance to network with like-minded designers, inside the WhiteSpace building.

How NOT to use PowerPoint

A short sketch by Don McMillan on PowerPoint mistakes.

How you’re marketing on April Fool’s Day

April Fool's Day 1

A few years back, on April 1st, I was catching a flight from Belfast to Edinburgh. Me and the rest of the passengers were surprised to hear the captain announce, “We will shortly be arriving in Amsterdam.”

Ringtone, dialtone, Pantone

Pantone mobile phones

#1: What colour shall we make our new range of mobile phones?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?
#1: Yes! What will we call the colour range?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?
#1: Super! How will we market the new style?
#2: Hmmmm. Shall we use Pantone?

Get free Google, Yahoo and MSN sponsorship

Free sponsored link on Google

Do you want old friends or family to be able to easily find you online? Is your name a common one that you think will never be at the top of a Google, Yahoo or MSN search? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to get yourself a FREE sponsored link at the top of all these search engines.

Look inside the Googleplex

With work becoming more and more time constrained, in today’s 24/7 flat-world environment, can you say you’re happy with your current working conditions? Well, when you put things…, the free card directory screenshot is an online business card gallery to promote your business.

Top 150 marketing blogs

marketing books

Are you interested in marketing? If you have something to sell, be it a product or service, then you should be.