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From AWeber to MailChimp

MailChimp logo sketch

While AWeber was working, MailChimp is so much more intuitive from a design perspective.

Instagram “engagement”

Instagram flat

Instagram ranks highest for “social engagement” amongst the popular social sites, with 4.21% of followers interacting compared to 0.03% on Twitter.

Run a holiday

Virgin Run a Holiday

It doesn’t need to be limited to Virgin, either. Any airline that offers airmiles could team up with a manufacturer of electronic gym equipment.

Antisocial media marketing

Dislike button

This is why Facebook isn’t a good marketing spend.

Photo by zeevveez

It’s not always about the money

Money kite

The following is an excerpt from the “Pricing your work” chapter of Work for Money, Design for Love.

When pro bono design pays off

Café Tacuba

This is just one example of how you can grow your business at the same time as helping those in need.

How and why to add feed-specific content using WordPress

WordPress symbol

If you have a WordPress blog, I recommend giving PostPost a go.

What employers look for #5

Believe in meeting room

More design employment advice, this time contributed by Blair Thomson of Exeter-based Believe in.

Email marketing gone wrong


Email marketing 101: Don’t spam.

TIME magazine covers: worldwide differences

TIME magazine cover 2045

Selective variations might, on the face of it, appear as censorship, but…

What employers look for #4

SomeOne in London studio

But some of them, man alive… I really wish they’d read what I’m about to write.

What employers look for #3

Sterling Brands studio

A glass-half-full mentality has helped all of us through a hellacious week. Complainers need not apply.

What employers look for #2

160over90 studio

The postcard for the real estate development? It sucks. Get rid of it.

What employers look for #1

smashLAB agency

If you aren’t absolutely committed to your career, I’ll come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be either.

Where to find the right designer

X mark

There are thousands of designers available at every level of cost.

Comment threads on portfolio entries

vintage microphone

Earlier on Twitter I mentioned I was debating the pros and cons of viewer comments on portfolio entries.

If design was an iceberg

Baffin Island iceberg, Canada

Multi-million dollar investments in contest-listing websites will inevitably prompt a more aggressive marketing push, but as long as self-respecting designers continue to differentiate themselves this won’t affect client acquisition.

Save your marketing emails from deletion

back space key

Here’s the format of the 1% I actually pay attention to.

I wish I’d known that

green dice sixes

What advice would you give a design graduate? Chris Arnold, founder of Creative Orchestra and former creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, offers his pearls of wisdom.

Figuring out the Amazon Sales Rank logo

I’m keen to know how book sales are going, so it makes sense to check the stats provided by the world’s largest bookseller, Amazon. The retailer displays what’s known as the Amazon Sales Rank.

How to improve your portfolio with pro bono design

Leather portfolio detail

Pro bono is a Latin phrase that means “for the public good.”

Tips for finding and securing graphic design jobs

lead type

I receive a lot of email asking for advice about graphic design jobs, so to help, I’ve created this short Q&A video.

New not improved

old Monster Munch packaging

Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it’s better.

The design pricing formula

money roll bank notes

A lot of designers struggle with pricing, and I’m regularly asked how I work it out.

Good design kills 20,000

Parthians and Romans

In the year 53 B.C., Marco Casio invaded Parthia with a 40,000 man army, and the goal of expanding the Roman Empire.

It was a disaster.

Imitation vs differentiation

red pencil

Starting a business isn’t easy. That’s a given. But when people have tread the path before you, it’s tempting to imitate. After all, if they’re successful, why not do it just like them and be successful too? Thing is, you’re not like the others. People don’t do business with you because you work like someone else. They choose you because of who you are.

Northern Ireland’s designer twits

Twitter over capacity
Over capacity image by Mykl Roventine

Twitter has replaced Delicious as my bookmarking tool of choice.

Getting your foot in the door

Door knock

When Lee Newham worked as a senior designer he would receive three or four CVs each day. He’s offered some tips to get your CV to the top of the pile.

Designing through a recession

line graph

Thoughts from talented designers on the pros and cons of the economic climate. featured in HOW Magazine

HOW Magazine has been featured in the October 2008 issue of HOW Magazine — the leading creativity, business and technology magazine for graphic designers. The great news comes hot on the heels of my appearance in Digital Arts. Here are a few photos along with some resources for your online promotion.