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Just how original is your logo design?

My logo design

Every client wants an original logo. But as a designer, just how original can you be?

Logo design contests are bad for business

Podcast Guild logo

Ask your colleagues just how much value they place on brand identity.

Wikipedia link to my logo designer article

logo design

I was checking through my web stats earlier and found some visitors arriving from Wikipedia.

After following where they were coming from I found one of my articles listed on the Wikipedia page for logo (in the external links section).

Alternative London 2012 logo designs

London olympic logo

More news about the negative impressions of the London 2012 logo.

London 2012 Olympics logo disaster

London 2012 logo

Today saw the launch of London’s 2012 Olympic logo, created by designers at Wolff Olins.

The fundamental necessity of the sketchpad process

blueprint sketch

Sometimes our natural tendency is to minimize or skip the sketching process altogether, and we try and jump straight ahead to the finished product. Bad idea. The sketchpad becomes an arena. This is the proving ground where an idea is batted around and subjected to the whim of the author.

The world’s best logo designers?

Families logo

Are these some of the world’s best logo designers? There are many other iconic logo designers, but these are names associated with some of the best logos around. Leave your thoughts, objections or suggestions by typing a comment.

What’s your logo worth?


Many people undervalue the importance of their logo. Sure, it’s just one small part of your brand, but it’s an important part nonetheless.

Is your logo design phallic?

Kegel Male Trainer

No beating around the bush. Your logo looks like a penis.

Logo design sketches that don’t work

Pencil and paper

The proposed name is Five 54, representing the degrees of longitude and latitude where my friend was born.

Just how good are LogoPond’s logos?

A few of the more effective logos from LogoPond.

European logo design awards

Eulda 2007

The only award scheme endorsed by 50+ national and international design associations.

Italia logo design from Landor

Italy logo

Graphic designers are up in arms after Italy unveiled a new logo.

Logo of the month #4

SinkIt logo

Sinkit is a tool used to improve a golfer’s putting skills. Here’s the excellent logo.

How important is a logo?

Small Business Branding

Nick Rice at Small Business Branding published 9 Branding Tips For Small Businesses.

Logo of the month #3

Robin Rutherford dentist logo

Here’s a recent logo for Robin Rutherford, a cosmetic and implant dentist.

Logo of the month #2

Hartford Whalers logo

The Hartford Whalers logo still represents a simple idea, effectively executed.

Sensata logo. Good or bad?

Sensata logo

Do you think this logo for Sensata is effective?

Logo of the month #1

Production Dept logo

The first logo of the month for a light bit of inspiration.

Logo inspiration from mis-i-pile

Logo inspiration

Where do you go for some logo inspiration?