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The art of the title sequence

Catch Me If You Can title sequence

The title sequence for Catch Me If You Can, in particular, is one of my favourites, and here are a few others worthy of a mention.

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Honesty breeds interest

Stefan Sagmeister

“Everyone who is honest is interesting.”

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A path for our sins

forbidden fruit

Holding your design in print, as a tangible product, gives a sense of satisfaction that just isn’t there with digital imagery. It seems more permanent, less deletable.

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Forbes calls designers snooty

The sulky pants

A one-sided article about the validity of spec work.

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Focus on reader comments #4

reader comments

You all know a lot more than I do, and it’s often shown in the quality of your comments. So from time-to-time I like to feature a few of your thoughts, both for the benefit of those who don’t follow the discussions, and as a small thank you.

Here’s the fourth in my ‘focus on reader comments’ series.

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