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Fifteen graphic design interview tips

old life preserver

The following interview advice for graphic designers was written by Lee Newham of Good People.

Top 50 graphic design blogs updated

Spoon Graphics

The top 50 graphic design blogs list has been updated, and the number of recommendations has grown to include more than 70 blogs. Here are 10 of the newly-featured banners and links.

Focus on reader comments #2

reader comments sky

The excellent discussion that takes place here is part of the reason I’ve kept publishing new content. Following on from my last focus on reader comments, here are five more insights from you, the people who kindly donate time to add to the conversation.

T-shirts for graphic designers

331 tshirt

A quick selection of recent graphic tees and clothing I thought you might like.

Your questions answered #2

q and a

Questions answered in this post include: Do you still figure out your prices approximately by the hour? If graphic design wasn’t your career, what do you think you would have been doing? Aside from word of mouth, what would you say is the best way to find new work when starting out alone?

10 tips for writing graphic design briefs


Valuable tips for writing graphic design briefs, kindly provided by Sharon Hayes who has worked as a graphic designer since 1994.

Spec work in the internet age

no respect

It’s up to us to convince potential clients that our services are worth paying for.

How effective is priority seating signage?

London Tube pregnant woman sticker

In 2005, there was a trial on the London Underground where “baby on board” badges were given to mums-to-be.

What is graphic design?

If asked what graphic design is, could you answer in one sentence?

Listed in the top ten sites for designers, and a new look for HOW Design

HOW top 10 websites for designers

My website is amongst the HOW top ten for designers. Quite the honour.

50 graphic design blogs

Logo Design Love

50 graphic design blogs, authored by some very talented graphic designers. Enjoy the inspiration.

Are you an eco-friendly designer?

environment scenery

The environment is under more threat today than it ever has been, and responsibility lies with all of to do what we can to help. Here are three very simple steps that designers can take to help the environment.

Prize draw winners

David Airey Jamie Clague

In celebration of my one year blog anniversary I’ve given away some fantastic prizes, kindly donated by a host of excellent blog authors.

$4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

gold medal

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my graphic design blog, here’s a $4,000 prize giveaway.

Milton Glaser: Art is Work

Six minutes well-spent — Milton Glaser talking about art and design.

The 5 hats of graphic designers

Five hats of graphic design

So if a novice can work their way around a photo manipulation or page layout program, why do designers still charge large sums for their services?

How to effectively advertise musicians

How do you advertise an event that features some of the world’s finest musicians? Simple. With a stunning piece of visual artistry.

Graphic Design as a Second Language

Bob Gill design book

Bob Gill’s Graphic Design as a Second Language. Great book.

How important are laws of design?

Designers have been creating laws and rules for as long as I’ve been learning, but just how important are they to you?

Light drawing and light writing

Light drawing by Lichtfaktor

Light-drawing and light-writing is getting a fair bit of attention lately.

When are you a successful designer?

Graphic Design Edinburgh

So, when do you consider you are a successful designer?

How do you write a design brief?

Project preserver

Any graphic design project needs a detailed design brief. There are two main reasons:

The world’s best logo designers?

Families logo

Are these some of the world’s best logo designers? There are many other iconic logo designers, but these are names associated with some of the best logos around. Leave your thoughts, objections or suggestions by typing a comment.

Focus on graphic design blogs

Ace Jet 170

Ace Jet 170 is a blog by Richard Weston, an English graphic designer working in Belfast.

Creative Design Awards now open

Creative Design Awards

I’d like to give you credit for implementing what I believe is an excellent design element into your website or blog. Be it a great logo, footer, use of imagery, or something unique that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Hence my humble Creative Design Awards.

Top 3 graphic design mistakes Americans make

TIME cover designs: USA vs rest of the world

Time magazine covers

How different is graphic design in the United States from the rest of the world?

Three most important design tools known

Forget Apple. Forget Adobe. The three most important design tools known to man and woman are (in reverse order of importance): A nutritious breakfast A sketch pad (pencil…