David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

Stationery Design Now!

Stationery Design Now!

If you’re in search of a little stationery design inspiration, Stationery Design Now! is worth a look.

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Arwey notebooks

Arwey notebook

Any of the notebooks from Arwey would make a great designer gift. The mailman delivered these two.

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Aesop on hiring a professional

Aesop the Greek

Last week I read a collection of his short stories, and as many of them relate to the business of design, I’ll share a few in a mini-series of posts. Here’s the first.

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Symbol, by Angus Hyland & Steven Bateman

Symbol book

Symbol is a new book by Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman, published by Laurence King.

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Eight languages

the process of design

My book’s available in the following translations.

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