David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

Using Twitter in the information (overload) age

information overload

As someone who does almost 100% of my business online, a need to filter the bombardment of info ranks highly when it comes to paying the bills.

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Design on the side


You might know something about root canals, but I know what I like, and that’s more important.

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Too many ideas

white circle black background

Any one of these mistakes would be enough to hinder a project’s completion, let alone all three combined. Needless to say, I never did finish that logo.

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If design was an iceberg

Baffin Island iceberg, Canada

Multi-million dollar investments in contest-listing websites will inevitably prompt a more aggressive marketing push, but as long as self-respecting designers continue to differentiate themselves this won’t affect client acquisition.

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Tell your story

ABC collage

You’re what makes you different. Tell your story.

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