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The design pricing formula

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A lot of designers struggle with pricing, and I’m regularly asked how I work it out.

AIGA President Debbie Millman on spec work

AIGA book cover by Paul Rand

Cat Wentworth conducted an excellent interview with AIGA President Debbie Millman.

Hiring a designer: a client’s perspective

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Now I’ve never been a graphic designer (my background’s in copywriting), but by hiring designers on numerous occasions I’ve gained insights from the customer-side that will help you satisfy your own clients. The following tips will help you keep your customers coming back.

The vendor client relationship

An all-too-familiar video that shows what I’ve experienced with plenty of potential clients. I get the impression I’m not alone.

Graphic design contracts – your advice

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A few months ago I wrote a brief article about graphic design contracts. You offered some excellent advice in the comments, and here I feature a select few of your contract tips.

Agency vs freelancer – your take

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Your thoughts on the difference between a studio and a freelancer.

Getting your foot in the door

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Lee Newham offers some tips on how graphic designers can get to the top of the pile.

Design agencies vs freelance designers

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When a client works with a graphic design agency, instead of a freelance designer, the choice can offer many benefits, but it’s not a one-way street. Here I outline the advantages of relationships with one over the other.

How 20 designers charge their clients – part 3

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The final part of the series — how 20 designers charge their clients.

How 20 designers charge their clients – part 2

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Following on from part one in the series, seven more top notch designers talk about how they manage their finances when dealing with clients.

How 20 designers charge their clients – part 1

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How do you charge clients? How do you accept payment? Why do you recommend working this way?

Save your time with a FAQ page

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FAQs on your website will save time for you and your potential clients.

A conversation about spec work


The following article contains a conversation between graphic designer, Michael Laborde, and a potential design client. It gives an accurate portrayal of what some people wrongly expect from the design industry.

Ten things to expect from a designer

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Here are a few important attributes to expect from a graphic designer.

Using freelance graphic design contracts

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Contracts can be an essential part of freelancing as a graphic designer.

15 graphic design interview tips

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The following graphic design interview tips were written by Lee Newham of Good People.

How not to approach a designer

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Image copyright: ConnArtist

Today I received an email from a potential logo design client.

It read in full, “can you design my fashion logo”.

No introduction. No punctuation. No details or common courtesy.

I cannot design your fashion logo.

The value of trustworthy subcontractors

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I want to know what service you offer, and whether you’d like me to send new business your way.

10 tips for writing graphic design briefs


Here are some valuable tips for writing graphic design briefs, kindly provided by Sharon Hayes of Round Box Design. Sharon has a wealth of experience and has worked as a graphic designer since 1994.

Spec work in the internet age

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It’s up to us to convince potential clients that our services are worth paying for.

The importance of client testimonials

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You want to know who else they’ve worked with, and what their working relationships have been like. You want to know that your hard-earned money is in safe hands, and that once you pay the initial deposit, the designer isn’t going to ride off into the sunset.

Online business is all about transparency

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People deal with people, which is why publishing a blog can do wonders for your business. Showing how you operate, and expressing your thoughts through a blog connects us in a way that static websites (those with no interactivity) simply can’t. Allowing people to comment on your articles invites conversation, and can give a great insight into the personality of the author, their temperament, and how they communicate.

Design pricing and when to talk money

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Do you openly advertise how much your design services cost? Perhaps you wait until that initial telephone or email conversation? Or do you only arrive at a project cost after compiling enough information to give an accurate quote?

Here’s some excellent insight and discussion around this pricing issue.

20 questions clients ask before choosing a designer

Choosing a designer can seem like a daunting task. You need to know if you can trust this person with the reputation of your company, because what they…

Are freelance designers really suckers?

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When someone tells you they’re a freelancer, what are your first thoughts?