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On getting paid

Pay Monopoly man

It’s professional to clarify terms before a client makes an initial payment, and clients want to work with professionals.

Meaningless design briefs?

Level of satisfaction

Is it a product or service that we think needs to be in the world, or would we use it ourselves?

Outgoings in design self-employment

Kelli Anderson standup desk

As a graphic designer, what are your initial business costs and annual outgoings?

Designers and their mobile apps

Tornado 348

I asked a few talented designers if there are any apps that help them with their design work.

Is success luck of the draw?

King of Clubs

Do you believe there is a factor that leads a designer to be successful?

Mike Dempsey on “the graphic designer and ethics”

Fat Ronal McDonald graffiti

“A design ‘strategy’ is often little more than a plan of action to hoodwink customers.”

“The button that keeps us on”

On button

But over time I learned how to choose clients more wisely…

Giving better design feedback


Is there something you do to make sure client feedback is valuable and on point?

No, No, No, No, No, Yes.

Gideon Amichay book

I might have given up my dream. A big mistake.

We could really do with £50k

50 pound note

If they give 20% what’s to stop the client chipping further?

Measuring design’s return on investment

Design ROI

How do you measure the success of a design project?

Originality in design

Dyson Air Multiplier

Emilyn Cheong asked me a few questions for her final year project, titled “Originality Trouble.”

On communication between designers and clients

Telephone pole

I was briefly interviewed by Web Designer magazine about designer/client communication.



Written by Linds Redding a few months before he died last year aged 52.

Wonderland. A short documentary on creative commerce.

Creative professionals talk about dealing with things that may seem out of your control.

Picasso and pricing your work

Picasso and Brigitte Bardot

A question I’m often asked is whether to charge clients by the hour or by the project.

Design pricing for non-profits

Paper money

Do the same design pricing principles apply?

Thoughts on design crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing design

The time necessary to “compete” in contests outweighs the potential reward.

More on unpaid internships

Exit sign

An internship is not where the intern does the work of a normal employee without getting paid.

Ninety percent of group discussions start off on the wrong foot

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

Always begin with a recap of the design brief.

Reflections on design self-employment

Lamp workspace

A few designers who’ve reflected on their time in self-employment.

It’s not always about the money

Money kite

The following is an excerpt from the “Pricing your work” chapter of Work for Money, Design for Love.

How do you differ?

Energy saving bulb

What are your competitors saying about their businesses? How do you differ?

When selling design is like selling furniture

Eames lounge chair

“They’d rather buy a few things that are good and are going to endure, than lots of stuff which isn’t.”

The ideal design process?

Design process flowchart

A good CreativeMornings video where Tom Foulkes and Michael Johnson talk process.

When what you’re selling isn’t what you’re selling

Make Your Idea Matter

Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Ask about the budget

Dodge St Regis hood ornament

It’ll save us all from having to look at everything on the [car] lot.

On finding design work in a new country

Iancu Barbărasă logo

Iancu Barbărasă shares the story of his 2010 move from Bucharest to London.

“Nobody bought the cheapest option.”

Three beer bottles

Make people choose between your plans, instead of choosing whether to buy your product or not.

Studio Culture at the Design Museum

Studio Culture at the Design Museum

The people you work with define the work you do.