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Proverbially speaking

Chinese typography

Chinese proverbs might not relate directly to the design profession, but with a little translation, it’s easy to see how designers can heed the advice.

Recommended UK commercial printers

coloured paper stock

Finding a reliable commercial printer can take some time. Here’s a head start — UK print companies recommended by a few of the UK’s top (and friendliest) designers and design studios.

(Updated with reader favourites.)

Ten principles for good design

Dieter Rams Vitsoe shelves

Dieter Rams on what good design is.

Survey of Design Salaries 2010

Benjamin Franklin hundred dollar bill

The most comprehensive study of its kind, the AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is commissioned annually by AIGA and presented by Aquent, in cooperation with Communication Arts magazine.

While I was away

Costa Blanca, Spain

I’m back from a week in southern Spain, successfully dodging the ash cloud, and although I couldn’t justify reading all of my back-logged feed subscriptions, here are a few notable mentions.

House Among Trees

house among trees

I’m with Shelby. This two-level house among trees is fantastic.

Where to find contextual image templates for client presentations

Tudor Bourn bag design

When it comes to client presentations, contextual imagery is key.

What graphic design schools are lacking

design exhibition

Last month I asked design students and graduates what should be included in an ideal graphic design course.

The Known Universe

Press play then HD, go full-screen, and marvel at the wonders of The Known Universe.

The Design Matters pilot TV show

Stefan Sagmeister

The taping of the pilot TV program “Design Matters” is next Friday (11th) in New York. Debbie Millman is host, with Hillman Curtis as director. The show is conceived as a design version of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” and Millman’s first two interview subjects are none other than Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister.

The design responsibility

climate change poster

How will design shape our future? How are we, as designers, taking responsibility for the products we help put to market?

Focus on reader comments #5

neon sign words

It’s been a while since I put the focus back on you. Too long, in fact. So here’s another batch of your thought-provoking comments.

Design agencies and studios on Twitter

Twitter fail

It’s common business sense to follow what’s happening in the design world. So for you smart folk who are reading my blog, here’s some help in the form of the most notable agencies and studios using Twitter to their advantage. But not all get it right.

Logo trademarking tips: a legal perspective

Toyota logo design

This guest post has been republished and edited with the kind permission of author Steve Baird, Chair Trademark & Brand Management with Winthrop & Weinstine Attorneys, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The design pricing formula

money roll bank notes

A lot of designers struggle with pricing, and I’m regularly asked how I work it out.

25 of your top design posts from 2008

Mondrian DisSymmetry

Your favourite design blog post from 2008.

Affiliation in the design profession


AIGA, D&AD, Icograda, DBA… just a few of the many trade associations for graphic designers, but how useful are they?

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be.

Paul Arden book

Paul Howard Arden, advertising creative and successful writer, was born on April 7th, 1940, and died on April 2nd, 2008. This short blog post can, in no way, do justice to his creative influence. What it can do, however, is serve as an introduction to those who are unfamiliar, and as a brief reminder to the rest of us.

The Art of Looking Sideways

The Art of Looking Sideways

The Art of Looking Sideways. A visual feast of a design book by the late, great, Alan Fletcher — who left this world back in 2006. It’s over 1,000 pages long, and here’s a short insight into the inspirational publication.

Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono

“If you never change your mind, why have one?”

Creative review 11 August 2008

wine can

In this short feature, I highlight recent design articles of interest. You’ll find interviews, packaging design, posters and more. Feel free to add your own recent design articles in the comment section.

35+ iconic logo designers

Well-known logos

Short bios and resources for more than 35 of the world’s top identity creatives.

Creative roundup 08 July 2008

coloured books

From time-to-time I’ll roundup interesting creative resources and articles. Here follows 7 snippets, with links to other creative blogs and websites.

Colour tools and resources

color theory

Categories include colour palettes and combinations, colour theory, colour tools, colour patterns, and colour code.

Creative roundup 19 May 2008

look at this book

Every now and again I’ll compile some noteworthy links / resources, publishing a quick roundup for your convenience. Here follows my creative roundup from the past few weeks, plus a quick snapshot of me in my first ever pair of glasses. Run for the hills!