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What employers look for #2

160over90 studio

The postcard for the real estate development? It sucks. Get rid of it.

What employers look for #1

smashLAB agency

If you aren’t absolutely committed to your career, I’ll come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be either.

Kerning game

Kerning game

Sounds nerdy. Probably is. Fun, though!

Can I legally hire unpaid interns?

Hire sign

Useful if offering internships (to stay on the right side of the law), and if seeking a placement (to ensure your chosen internship is the best possible match).

Where to find the right designer

X mark

There are thousands of designers available at every level of cost.

From the reader #3


“Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently.”

You are the map maker

Your best idea

What’s the formula for blog posts that will get the greatest number of retweets? Which new product or service will make you the most money? Do you know?

On creative block

Gerard Huerta quote

How do you overcome creative block?

From the reader #2

dpr house

Stand-out content from my feed reader.

Twitter lists

Twitter lists @DavidAirey

That Twitter thing last month? Turns out I’ve missed reading designers’ updates.

D&AD President offers advice to graduates on getting hired

D&AD President, Sanky, offers his advice for design graduates entering the profession.

From the reader #1

British Isles map

A quick roundup from my feed reader. Might be a regular thing. Might not.

Michael Wolff on creativity

Michael Wolff talking about three muscles he’s developed with age — inquisitiveness, appreciation, and imagination.

Type foundries worth a look

wood type numbers

It’s always useful to have a collection of type foundries to call upon. Here are a few notable mentions.

Twitter recommendations

Twitter typography

Rather than restrict myself to 140 characters, or Friday, here’s my take.

iMac buying tips

Apple wallpaper

I upgraded to a 27-inch iMac. Here are a few tips if you’re thinking of buying one, too.

Design blogs on my subscription list

blue neon arrow

You said you’d like to see what’s on my subscription list.

Advice for design students

information sign clouds

With 700+ pages on this site, here’s the content I think is most helpful to students.

Recommended UK commercial printers

coloured paper stock

Finding a reliable commercial printer can take some time. Here’s a head start — UK print companies recommended by a few of the UK’s top (and friendliest) designers and design studios.

(Updated with reader favourites.)

Ten principles for good design

Dieter Rams Vitsoe shelves

Dieter Rams on what good design is.

Survey of Design Salaries 2010

Benjamin Franklin hundred dollar bill

The most comprehensive study of its kind, the AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is commissioned annually by AIGA and presented by Aquent, in cooperation with Communication Arts magazine.

While I was away

Costa Blanca, Spain

I’m back from a week in southern Spain, successfully dodging the ash cloud, and although I couldn’t justify reading all of my back-logged feed subscriptions, here are a few notable mentions.

Where to find contextual image templates for client presentations

Tudor Bourn bag design

When it comes to client presentations, contextual imagery is key.

What graphic design schools are lacking

design exhibition

Last month I asked design students and graduates what should be included in an ideal graphic design course.

The Known Universe

Press play, HD, full-screen, and marvel at the wonders of The Known Universe.

The Design Matters pilot TV show

Stefan Sagmeister

The taping of the pilot TV program “Design Matters” is next Friday (11th) in New York. Debbie Millman is host, with Hillman Curtis as director. The show is conceived as a design version of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” and Millman’s first two interview subjects are none other than Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister.

The design responsibility

climate change poster

How will design shape our future? How are we, as designers, taking responsibility for the products we help put to market?

Focus on reader comments #5

neon sign words

Another batch of your thought-provoking comments.

Design agencies and studios on Twitter

Twitter fail

It’s common business sense to follow what’s happening in the design world. So for you smart folk who are reading my blog, here’s some help in the form of the most notable agencies and studios using Twitter to their advantage. But not all get it right.

Logo trademarking tips: a legal perspective

Toyota logo design

This guest post has been republished and edited with the kind permission of author Steve Baird, Chair Trademark & Brand Management with Winthrop & Weinstine Attorneys, Minneapolis, Minnesota.