David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

35+ iconic logo designers

Well-known logos

Short bios and resources for more than 35 of the world’s top identity creatives.

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Creative roundup 08 July 2008

coloured books

From time-to-time I’ll roundup interesting creative resources and articles. Here follows 7 snippets, with links to other creative blogs and websites.

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Colour tools and resources

color theory

Colour and emotion are closely related, so it makes sense to pay particular attention to the colour we choose. This list of 48 tools and resources will help, and I’ve separated the links into the following categories: colour palettes and combinations (#1-6), colour theory (#7-16), colour tools (#17-41), colour patterns (#42-44), and colour code (#45+).

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Creative roundup 19 May 2008

look at this book

Every now and again I’ll compile some noteworthy links / resources, publishing a quick roundup for your convenience. Here follows my creative roundup from the past few weeks, plus a quick snapshot of me in my first ever pair of glasses. Run for the hills!

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Creative resources 07 April 2008

Lovely as a Tree

From time-to-time I’ll feature a number of creative resources that I believe are beneficial to you. This instalment covers typography resources, environmental websites, help with starting your own business and suggestions to make you a better designer.

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