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The Known Universe

Press play then HD, go full-screen, and marvel at the wonders of The Known Universe.

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The Design Matters pilot TV show

Stefan Sagmeister

The taping of the pilot TV program “Design Matters” is next Friday (11th) in New York. Debbie Millman is host, with Hillman Curtis as director. The show is conceived as a design version of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” and Millman’s first two interview subjects are none other than Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister.

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The design responsibility

climate change poster

How will design shape our future? How are we, as designers, taking responsibility for the products we help put to market?

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Focus on reader comments #5

neon sign words

It’s been a while since I put the focus back on you. Too long, in fact. So here’s another batch of your thought-provoking comments.

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Design agencies and studios on Twitter

Twitter fail

It’s common business sense to follow what’s happening in the design world. So for you smart folk who are reading my blog, here’s some help in the form of the most notable agencies and studios using Twitter to their advantage. But not all get it right.

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