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Giving voice to ideas

London Vision Clinic, by hat-trick

Copywriting can be about much more than just tone of voice. It can form an integral part of a company’s brand strategy.

Paul Jarvis shares good advice for designers

Paul Jarvis book cover artwork

Here are some posts and resources of interest, and some thoughts I agreed with.

One chapter every nine days

Work for Money, Design for Love schedule

That’s my schedule.

A manifesto on writing for design

Why use fifty words?

Jim Davies’ 12-point manifesto on writing for design.

It’s not easy choosing a book title

Blank book cover

My book will be aimed at those who are thinking of, or who have started their own design business. The title I wish I’d read a few years ago (although I know I’m going to learn a lot writing this one).

Advice for authors

Typewriter close-up

If you’re writing a book for the money, you’re going to be disappointed.

Tell your story

ABC collage

You’re what makes you different. Tell your story.

One year published, and thoughts on a second book

number one

It’s been around a year since my book became available.

Lost in translation

Poland flag

I wasn’t 100% sure about it when my publisher’s sales experts made the suggestion — I didn’t want to oversell the content — but a good case was made, and I happily took their advice.

Proverbially speaking

Chinese typography

Chinese proverbs might not relate directly to the design profession, but with a little translation, it’s easy to see how designers can heed the advice.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

ink drops

Three weeks ago my acquisitions editor Nikki at Peachpit asked if I could find a well-known designer to write a quote for the back cover of my book. She said it would need to be someone with a great reputation, and that we didn’t have much time.

Logo Design Love book available for pre-order

Logo Design Love

Back in March I told you I signed a book deal with Peachpit. The copy deadline is October 23rd, which is scarily close, and the book is now available for pre-order. So no pressure, David.

Musings on book writing

pencil eraser

I’ve been asked to author the first logo design book from Peachpit Press.

Your readers are great writing inspiration


Whether you publish a blog post three times per day, once every day, or even once per week, finding inspiration can prove troublesome. I’ve been able to keep a decent level of consistency up on my blog, posting on average every three days. I owe a lot to you, my readers.

How do you write blog headlines?

Journalism headlines

When planning a blog post, I normally begin with a headline in mind. However, that doesn’t mean I use that headline once the article is complete, and I’m curious how many of you keep the original headline you thought of.

Tips for writing effective press releases

Press release

A few worthy press release resources.

How to improve your article headlines


Brian Clark, of Copyblogger, asked his readers to submit article headlines as part of a headline improvement tutorial. I submitted the following headline, and Brian kindly offered his expert advice.