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Wigan Little Theatre’s little known facts

Wigan Little Theatre's little known facts

Problem: design a brochure for a small theatre.
Solution: make the brochure small.

Letterpress and edge painting by kikisoso

kikisoso letterpress card

Printed in-house using a Golding Jobber from the 1880s, onto Gmund cotton 600gsm.

MOO Christmas discount

Single snowflake

If you’re getting some Christmas cards from MOO, this should save you a few pennies.

Business cards by Oomph

Oomph business cards

Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it.

Luxe by MOO

MOO Luxe business cards

The Luxe card, MOO’s most premium product, launched at the start of the year.

Two memorable business cards

Poole & Hunter business card

And something a little more magical…

The smallest business cards ever

Bookkeeping for small business card

“…these cards for a small business bookkeeper are quite possibly the smallest thing we’ve ever produced.”

Paper from G . F Smith

G.F Smith paper samples

The postman brought a nice surprise earlier.

Free Mooney

Cow skin pattern

I thought some of you might want to give MOO a shot, so I have 15 discount codes to give away, each getting you (or someone you know) the following.

Stationery Design Now!

Stationery Design Now!

If you’re in search of a little stationery design inspiration, Stationery Design Now! is worth a look.

Arwey notebooks

Arwey notebook

Any of the notebooks from Arwey would make a great designer gift. The mailman delivered these two.

Letterpress note cards

Letterpress note cards

Hoban Cards. Definitely worth a look.

We all need to start somewhere

number six

I was taking a few photos of cards for my portfolio when I came across my very first business card.

Note cards

Moo card David Airey

Taking the lead from designer Graham Smith, I bought some “note cards” and a holder from MOO.


Andy Warhol letterhead

Letterheady. Showcasing the letterheads of famous people and corporations.

The smallest cost of rebranding

old business card

If you think I’m out of pocket with this old batch of business cards, imagine what it costs to rebrand a company the size of Yellow Pages.

Typotheque pocket calendar and sketchbook

Typotheque pocket calendar and sketchbook

The limited edition Typotheque pocket calendar combines a diary and a sketchbook in one.

Business cards from a keyring?

Squiz Cards

He said he’d offer some free sets to you guys, and I thought it looked like a nice idea, telling him I’d need to try the service first.

A few memorable business cards

cassette tape business card design

The often overlooked business card. It’s amazing what a little thought can do.

Fidelity Hearing Center brand identity

Fidelity Hearing Center logo design

I was approached by the California-based Fidelity Hearing Center to design a mark that stood out.

Are these good or bad business cards?

clothes peg business card

Bad business card designs are great way to lose that potential client. However, when it comes to being unique, a small, costly print run might be enough to win you top-of-mind positioning. Have a look at these business cards and tell me if they’re good or bad?

Cool business card designs

Four Seasons business card

Fancy some business card design inspiration? There’s a nice Flickr set from dailypoetics that features (at the time of writing) 584 different designs.

American Psycho business card

American Psycho business card design

“Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark!”

What makes a good business card?

Business card design

What makes a business card effective? Is it originality? Legibility? Simplicity?, the free card directory screenshot is an online business card gallery to promote your business.

Personal business card design

Personal business card design

Printed on white 330gsm Plike, black on the front and pearl white foil blocking on the back.

Wigan Little Theatre stationery

Wigan Little Theatre stationery

Very often the solution is in the problem.