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It’s your blog

glass chess set

Everything you do online affects your brand, and gives others a strong opinion about who you are. It’s your blog. Your brand. You choose how we see you.

Where to find contextual image templates for client presentations

Tudor Bourn bag design

When it comes to client presentations, contextual imagery is key.

The Designful Company

The Designful Company

The Designful Company: How to build a culture of nonstop innovation — the latest book by Marty Neumeier. Here’s a short excerpt.

Graphic design bookstore

graphic design bookstore
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I’ve launched a graphic design bookstore.

When vanity is good for business

vanity mirror

We’re all interested in what others say about us. Especially when it’s about our work. Now if, like me, you act as your own PR team, discovering these snippets and citations rests solely on your shoulders. And in today’s business environment, it’s not just vanity. It’s a necessity.

Cue the ego search.

Logo trademarking tips: a legal perspective

Toyota logo design

This guest post has been republished and edited with the kind permission of author Steve Baird, Chair Trademark & Brand Management with Winthrop & Weinstine Attorneys, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Imitation vs differentiation

red pencil

Starting a business isn’t easy. That’s a given. But when people have tread the path before you, it’s tempting to imitate. After all, if they’re successful, why not do it just like them and be successful too? Thing is, you’re not like the others. People don’t do business with you because you work like someone else. They choose you because of who you are.

Measuring the success, and failure, of branding

success and failure

With design, a failure is much easier to measure than a success. Especially when the cock-up costs your company tens of millions.

The true cost of rebranding?

Norwich Union logo

You can only estimate the value of a brand that has lived through four centuries, so at what cost is a name-change from one established more than 200 years ago, to another born this decade?

Are freelance designers really suckers?

expert freelancer

When someone tells you they’re a freelancer, what are your first thoughts?

Advertising to children: right or wrong?

McDonalds apple

To a kid, everything’s better in a McDonald’s wrapper.

Use your avatar to build brand recognition

social website avatars

Your personal brand is everything about you and what others think about you. With the increase in social networking sites, avatars (those little images you upload from your computer to visually identify online profiles) play an important role in brand recognition.

Here’s the re-design you asked for, any better?

David Airey blog header

When I asked what you thought of my blog, I had no idea you’d provide such great suggestions.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this new look for my humble logo design blog.

How SONY killed their brand? A case study

SONY brand

Large corporations need customers much more than vice versa, but SONY have been making the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons.

Just how good are LogoPond’s logos?

A few of the more effective logos from LogoPond.

Italia logo design from Landor

Italy logo

Graphic designers are up in arms after Italy unveiled a new logo.

Logo of the month #4

SinkIt logo

Sinkit is a tool used to improve a golfer’s putting skills. Here’s the excellent logo.

How important is a logo?

Small Business Branding

Nick Rice at Small Business Branding published 9 Branding Tips For Small Businesses.