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It’s your blog

glass chess set

Everything you do online affects your brand, and gives others a strong opinion about who you are. It’s your blog. Your brand. You choose how we see you.

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Social Media World Forum

social media

Fancy going to the Social Media World Forum? I’ve got a two-day conference pass worth $850 that needs an owner.

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Focus on reader comments #5

neon sign words

It’s been a while since I put the focus back on you. Too long, in fact. So here’s another batch of your thought-provoking comments.

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Forget about design

old shoes new shoes

We judge people by how they look. It’s an everyday occurrence, no matter how unfair. But what if appearances didn’t matter? What if we could just say what’s on our minds and not worry about clothes, hair, makeup?

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Design agencies and studios on Twitter

Twitter fail

It’s common business sense to follow what’s happening in the design world. So for you smart folk who are reading my blog, here’s some help in the form of the most notable agencies and studios using Twitter to their advantage. But not all get it right.

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