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My logo design blog has moved URL

Moving blog

There are some changes going on with my little blog.

6 tips to improve your blog articles


To write a great blog post it must consist of the following.

Focus on graphic design blogs

Ace Jet 170

Ace Jet 170 is a blog by Richard Weston, an English graphic designer working in Belfast (a city close to my heart). Richard is married with two “very young, active, funny and very brilliant” boys. At work he mainly develops and implements brands and corporate IDs, works very hard and eats cake.

What is RSS?

Watch and learn how you can benefit by using RSS subscriptions. This short video tutorial from commoncraft describes how to save yourself time. Go on, get fed.

Does blogging interfere with your day job?

This is a question of particular relevance for me at this exact point in time. davidthedesigner asked me this question a while back, and I was thinking about…

Making your blog more about your readers

In a continuous effort to involve you more in this little blog of mine, I’ve made two subtle changes today. Firstly, you’ll notice in the horizontal navigation at…

Creative Design Awards now open

Creative Design Awards

I’d like to give you credit for implementing what I believe is an excellent design element into your website or blog. Be it a great logo, footer, use of imagery, or something unique that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Hence my humble Creative Design Awards.

We’ve just passed 1,000 comments!

During the short life of this blog, you’ve helped me to learn more about the subject I love, so I’m extending this little thanks to all of you…

Here’s what happens when you get on the front page of Digg

server error

A number of things happen when one of your blog articles reaches the front page of Digg.

1/ Your server crashes due to the high load

Should you add DoFollow to your blog?

Follow me

Update: I no longer have the “nofollow” tag removed from comments.

It’s now easier for you to comment

Those of you who have commented on my blog (thanks by the way), will notice that the comments section is no longer to the right of the article….

Google AdSense makes you look unprofessional

Google AdSense customisation

Thousands of site owners are making poor first impressions in exchange for a few monthly dollars.

Blogging tips from blog gurus

eMom Wendy Piersall

If you only had five minutes to ensure you’re making the most of your blog, who would you spend those five minutes with?

Dawud Miracle’s critique of my logo blog

Dawud Miracle

In the spirit of giving back to those who read your blog (the SOAP programme I wrote about earlier) Dawud Miracle, of Healthy WebDesign, has kindly written quite an in-depth critique of my logo design website.

How to widen your blog’s international reach

When I wrote a personal critique of Marc Rapp’s blog I mentioned his language translator, and how Marc’s audience spanned across countries that mine barely touched, I thought…

Here’s the re-design you asked for, any better?

David Airey blog header

When I asked what you thought of my blog, I had no idea you’d provide such great suggestions.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on this new look for my humble logo design blog.

Valuable tips for your blog design

Design quote

The design of your blog can greatly improve reader retention, so to help, here are a number of great post sharing valuable blog design tips.

My public SOAPing of Jessica Duquette

Jessica Duquette

At the start of the month, Easton Ellsworth, of Business Blogwire, initiated Pass the SOAP — a nice idea for helping others improve their blogs.

Five important design tips for your blog


Here are five important design tips for your website / blog. Pay attention and you’ll give your visitors a much better experience.

My personal critique of Marc Rapp’s blog

Uniquely the Epitome screenshot

A few weeks ago I asked you how can I improve my blog? I thought the response was superb!

How you helped improve my blog

Lone tree

I’m always wondering how my blog can function better.

Technorati ranking system

I’ve not been blogging for long at all. If you actually make it to my blog’s footer (a point I’ll be picking up on thanks to your great…

Do you ask for criticism?

Does asking for criticism help your endeavours? According to criticism is: 1. the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything. 2. the act of…

Why do I blog?

David Airey pondering

Dawud asked why I blog. I’ll tell you.

Get free Google, Yahoo and MSN sponsorship

Free sponsored link on Google

Do you want old friends or family to be able to easily find you online? Is your name a common one that you think will never be at the top of a Google, Yahoo or MSN search? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to get yourself a FREE sponsored link at the top of all these search engines.