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Google search rank drop: advice needed

David Airey web traffic

If you show advertising on your website / blog, or are thinking of doing so, this is something you need to know.

I’ve just removed what little advertising there was on my blog. The ads were shown below my category list, and included just four simple text link ads (two for print cartridge retailers and two for web template sites).

$4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

gold medal

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my graphic design blog, I’m launching this bumper giveaway to thank you all. You’ve helped make this site what it is today and here are the fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Combat DoFollow spammers using this WordPress Plugin

follow me

Here’s a useful plugin that can help reduce spam comments left purely for that ‘followed link’.

Your readers are great writing inspiration


Whether you publish a blog post three times per day, once every day, or even once per week, finding inspiration can prove troublesome. I’ve been able to keep a decent level of consistency up on my blog, posting on average every three days. I owe a lot to you, my readers.

Five things about design, blogs, and me

design things

Five questions related to design and blogs.

4,000th commenter deserves a mention

The Thinking Blog

Ilker, of The Thinking Blog, recently left the 4,000th comment here on my site. I like to feature each person who leaves a milestone comment, to thank them for visiting, and for participating in the discussion. I also think it’s a good idea to , and this is a way of giving a little back to you at the same time.

Celebrate your blog milestones

FeedBurner subscriber count

Today, with your help, I broke the 1,500 daily RSS readers barrier.

1 year anniversary prize giveaway

Glasses with goldfish

Having started my blog last October, it won’t be long before the one year anniversary. To celebrate, I’m running a graphic design / marketing / branding / SEO / blogging prize giveaway, with the aim of thanking each and every one of you for your valued contributions, subscriptions and site visits.

I recently contacted a few niche experts, asking if they could get involved and offer a prize. The result so far has been fantastic! You really don’t want to miss out on this one, and thank you so much to everyone giving their valuable time to help.

Five useful WordPress plugins

WordPress logo

I use WordPress to power my website. One of the benefits is the number of plugins available.

The Face Behind The Blog update #2

The Face Behind The Blog

When I first started The Face Behind The Blog Collection, I wasn’t sure if anyone would join in.

Back in May I posted a quick Face Behind The Blog update, giving a little extra interest in the meme. Since then, however, I thought that the idea had slowed and the momentum was gone. That was until Thomas of Technical Blogger sent me a message asking if I was going to update the original list.

Seven blog mistakes to avoid

orange lime

Hopefully they’ll help you avoid making the same ones.

One vital addition to any monetized blog

IDBI Bank advertisement

If you’re like me, you’ll be passionate about the subject you write about, caring less about any monetary gain and more about a genuine interest in the topic.

You’ll also want to cover the costs of your web hosting, and might place a few relevant ads across your site / blog (you can see how I do this in my right sidebar, under the ‘featured sites’ heading).

Your changes to my graphic design blog

website critique

Every now and again I like to ask you, my reader, what you think about my blog. You’re taking the time out of your day to visit, read and interact through the article comments, and it’s important for me to ask for your feedback.

The psychology of blog publishing

Escher symmetry

Here are a few of the thoughts that crop up when publishing a blog.

3,000th commenter deserves a mention

You rock!

A special mention to the person who left the 3,000th comment here on my site.

How speed linking helps

chain link

Speed linking is a term used to describe a number of links from your website to another.

Website Grader – free tips to improve your blog

Website Grader

No matter what line of business you’re in, it’s vital that you can measure the results of your endeavours. If you spend any amount of time dealing with websites, you’ll understand the importance of statistics, and how they can track progress and provide pointers for improvement.

Remember to feature your best articles

Graphic design articles

Ever since I started publishing posts online, I looked forward to the time when I could feature my best posts.

How I improved my Alexa rank

Alexa rank

Here’s a look at how my Alexa rank has improved.

The Face Behind The Blog update

The Face Behind The Blog

I’ve been overwhelmed with the response to The Face Behind The Blog, a little photography project that started up three weeks ago.

As a thank you to everyone who’s participating I’m including an extra link to your personal photo collections.

How to insert an image into blog comments

Blog comment

There are issues with visitors doing likewise.

2,000 comments and counting, thank you!

It almost passed without me noticing, but two days ago Lisa of Just A Girl In The World posted the 2,000th comment on my website! Had it not…

Alexa ranking, what’s it all about?

I haven’t paid much attention to my Alexa rank, but some recent online chat has prompted a re-think. For those who don’t know, your website’s Alexa rank affects…

The Face Behind The Blog Collection

Face Behind The Blog

Have you ever wondered what the person behind your favourite blog looks like?