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When vanity is good for business

vanity mirror

We’re all interested in what others say about us. Especially when it’s about our work. Now if, like me, you act as your own PR team, discovering these snippets and citations rests solely on your shoulders. And in today’s business environment, it’s not just vanity. It’s a necessity.

Cue the ego search.

Compelling comments and ulterior motives

roll out red carpet illustration

If the comment is relevant, does an ulterior motive matter?

Northern Ireland’s designer twits

Twitter over capacity
Over capacity image by Mykl Roventine

Twitter has replaced Delicious as my bookmarking tool of choice.

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design

Blogs, Mad about Design is a new book from maomao publications.

Comments you won’t have seen

Groucho Marx mask

A few of the strange comments received that haven’t seen the light of day.

25 of your top design posts from 2008

Mondrian DisSymmetry

Your favourite design blog post from 2008.

Focus on reader comments #3

reader comments

Here we go with five more excellent comments from you, the people who help make this website what it is. For previous reader comment features see the ‘related articles’ section at the foot of the post.

Top 50 graphic design blogs updated

Spoon Graphics

The top 50 graphic design blogs list has been updated, and the number of recommendations has grown to include more than 70 blogs. Here are 10 of the newly-featured banners and links.

When did you last thank your readers?

thank you

Thank you for visiting, for reading, for commenting, for critiquing, for subscribing, for mentioning me elsewhere.

Whilst I spend a week or two recovering from hand ligament damage, and the joys of single digit typing, I want you to know that this blog of mine would be a much lonelier place without you.

Why are designers never 100% satisfied?

orange pacman eating limes

Ask any designer if they’re 100% satisfied with their work, and whether openly admitted or not, there’s a very high chance of a negative response.

Focus on reader comments #2

reader comments sky

The excellent discussion that takes place here is part of the reason I’ve kept publishing new content. Following on from my last focus on reader comments, here are five more insights from you, the people who kindly donate time to add to the conversation.

Make your new readers feel at home


It’s a good idea to offer signposts every now and again, to aid deeper navigation.

13 of the best WordPress plugins

WordPress logo

Here are the WordPress plugins currently installed on my blog.

Focus on reader comments #1

reader comments

It’s no secret that you, the people who read my blog, are full of excellent ideas. The comments you leave add great value to my articles, and I’ve been told so on many occasions.

Therefore, I’m going to start highlighting comments along the way. Those that deserve extra attention. Here’s the first batch (more to follow soon).

Online business is all about transparency

transparent laptop screen

People deal with people, which is why publishing a blog can do wonders for your business.

Should links open in a new window?

window fitter

This is a web usability question that concerns you, the people who read my blog, and also those who author their own blogs / websites. It seems that some people actually get angry when a website takes control of their browser by opening a new tab, and of course that’s not what I want here.

How to deter image and bandwidth theft

take control

It drains the bandwidth I’m paying my web host for.

50 graphic design blogs

Logo Design Love

50 graphic design blogs, authored by some very talented graphic designers. Enjoy the inspiration.

Scotland’s first Adage Power 150 blog

Adage Power 150

My humble blog is Scotland’s top entry into the Adage Power 150.

Prize draw winners

David Airey Jamie Clague

In celebration of my one year blog anniversary I’ve given away some fantastic prizes, kindly donated by a host of excellent blog authors.

Google search rank drop: advice needed

David Airey web traffic

If you show advertising on your website, this is something you need to know. I’ve just removed what little advertising there was on my blog.

$4,000 blog anniversary prize draw

gold medal

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my graphic design blog, here’s a $4,000 prize giveaway.

Combat DoFollow spammers using this WordPress Plugin

follow me

Here’s a useful plugin that can help reduce spam comments left purely for that ‘followed link’.

Your readers are great writing inspiration


Whether you publish a blog post three times per day, once every day, or even once per week, finding inspiration can prove troublesome. I’ve been able to keep a decent level of consistency up on my blog, posting on average every three days. I owe a lot to you, my readers.

Five things about design and blogs

design things

Five questions related to design and blogs.

Celebrate your blog milestones

FeedBurner subscriber count

Today, with your help, I broke the 1,500 daily RSS readers barrier.

1 year anniversary prize giveaway

Glasses with goldfish

Having started my blog last October, it won’t be long before the one year anniversary. To celebrate, I’m running a graphic design / marketing / branding / SEO / blogging prize giveaway, with the aim of thanking each and every one of you for your valued contributions, subscriptions and site visits.

I recently contacted a few niche experts, asking if they could get involved and offer a prize. The result so far has been fantastic! You really don’t want to miss out on this one, and thank you so much to everyone giving their valuable time to help.

Five useful WordPress plugins

WordPress logo

I use WordPress to power my website. One of the benefits is the number of plugins available.

Seven blog mistakes to avoid

orange lime

Hopefully they’ll help you avoid making the same ones.

One vital addition to any monetized blog

IDBI Bank advertisement

If you’re like me, you’ll be passionate about the subject you write about, caring less about any monetary gain and more about a genuine interest in the topic.

You’ll also want to cover the costs of your web hosting, and might place a few relevant ads across your site / blog (you can see how I do this in my right sidebar, under the ‘featured sites’ heading).