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From the reader #14

Vincent Kohler wood cuts

Artist Vincent Kohler shows the different pieces of wood that are cut from a log.

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The Rhein-Herne slinky

Rhein-Herne canal footbridge

If only every footbridge was as creative as the one over Germany’s Rhein-Herne canal.

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Boa Mistura: Luz nas Vielas

Boa Mistura graffiti

From graffiti and mural painting, to graphic design and illustration, Boa Mistura want to give the world its colour back. 5 heads, 10 hands, just one heart.

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Banksy on advertising

Banksy out of stock

“Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head.”

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From the reader #8

Dark Side of the Doritos

I love this Food Stuff Flickr set.

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