David Airey is an independent graphic designer working with companies of all sizes since 2005.

How to create an advert that makes you hungry

Fish and chips newspaper ad

“You’ve got to wrap ‘em up in newspaper, not brown paper or white.”

How about this newspaper ad for a fish and chip shop? The lime segment is one I haven’t seen before. Lemon, yes, but lime? It even makes me think this particular chip shop is a little different to normal ones. First they show you a clever ad, then they introduce lime juice with your meal.

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Screamfest poster designs

Screamfest poster 1

Posters designed to advertise Screamfest — a Los Angeles independent horror film festival.

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Hawaiian Tropic print advertisement

Here’s a superb example of print advertising, from Grey advertising agency in Stockholm, Sweden. The product being advertised is Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and the tagline beside the lower right corner image reads, “Enjoy the sun”. My thoughts are that more exposure will be given to this double page spread than any other in the magazine. […]

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Get free Google, Yahoo and MSN sponsorship

Free sponsored link on Google

Do you want old friends or family to be able to easily find you online? Is your name a common one that you think will never be at the top of a Google, Yahoo or MSN search? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to get yourself a FREE sponsored link at the top of all these search engines.

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BMW’s manual gear shift

BMW gear shift ad

A new ad from BBDP & Fils for BMW’s 7 Series.

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