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Creative advertising

I thought I’d share some clever ads from around the world to get the creative juices flowing. Shimmy over to the Advertising / Design Goodness blog for some…

Smoking ruins lives

Tobacco danger

Ask the children of smoker parents.

Hoover advertisment

Hoover advertisment

A top example of print advertising.

JWT get it wrong

horlicks advertisement jwt

Ford, HSBC, Unilever, Vodafone. Just some of the clients of JWT. You’d expect them to be at the top of their game, everytime. This ad (above) produced for the Junior Horlicks sub-brand tells us that even the big guns can waste your advertising spend.

IDBI Bank: Book

IDBI Bank book ad

This print ad caught my eye, for the IDBI Bank’s ‘education loans’.

It focuses your attention on the idea. Created by Bates Enterprise, Mumbai, India. Nice.

Homer Simpson + John Wayne = George Bush

This print ad for Mexican newspaper – Milenio Diario – caught my attention as a light-hearted piece of work.

Milenio George Bush Homer Simpson

The strapline reads, “Such a complex world needs a good explanation”.

The Apprentice termination letter

the apprentice advert

To promote the new series of “The Apprentice” to white-collar workers – the main target audience for the program – the agency obtained staff lists from numerous companies and sent out bogus termination letters that were personalised and hand delivered.

Leo Burnett blood donation

Leo Burnett advert

National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre: Lifeline

The grey text reads, “Our blood bank will soon be dry. Please donate. Call us at 6772 5356.”

Ads of the World

Football Resistance

Advertising doesn’t need to be all bright lights and flashy. It needs a simple idea, well executed. Here are three simple ideas found on ‘Ads of the World’.