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World Wildlife Federation ad campaign

hand towel dispenser

It’s not very often that I see an advertising campaign I instantly appreciate. That’s the power of imagery, and the power of targeting our environmental responsibilities.

This paper towel dispenser shows an ad campaign for the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), and the strapline reads:

The hypocrisy of Unilever advertising?

Unilever brand logos

Dove Onslaught aims to highlight how todays children are bombarded with false advertising messages.

Advertising to children: right or wrong?

McDonalds apple

To a kid, everything’s better in a McDonald’s wrapper.

How to effectively advertise musicians

How do you advertise an event that features some of the world’s finest musicians? Simple. With a stunning piece of visual artistry.

How to use cutouts in advertising

CVV ad cutout

Two clever print ads for the suicide prevention centre, CVV.

Light drawing and light writing

Light drawing by Lichtfaktor

Light-drawing and light-writing is getting a fair bit of attention lately.

How to ruin a job interview

The following TV advertisement shows Saatchi & Saatchi NY’s Tide Interview.

How to advertise running shoes

“Man boobs. They really suck.”

I enjoyed this running shoes advertisement from Nike.

Model divorces geek after he spends $1M declaring his love

We’re seeing a shift in global advertising, and it’s favouring the consumer. Advertisers must realise that us consumers want to converse with the people who are being handed our hard-earned cash.

Who’s getting it right?

The power of subliminal advertising

Derren Brown experimenting with the minds of two advertisers.

Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic ad

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen have been come up with some interesting magazine ads.

The hook of high-impact roadside campaigns


Roadside ad campaigns have more in common with blogs than you think.

Both have fast moving traffic and a hideously small opportunity to make a visual statement that lasts. The best ones leave the audience pondering about what they’ve just seen and (hopefully) create discussion around the office water cooler later that day.

Star Wars Advertising on the cheap

Now read the rest of this article to see the amazing difference Adobe After Effects can have on this production. Absolutely superb!

The twisted reality of fashion advertising

Up to 24 million people in the US experience an eating disorder.

Google AdSense makes you look unprofessional

Google AdSense customisation

Thousands of site owners are making poor first impressions in exchange for a few monthly dollars.

How to create an advert that makes you hungry

Fish and chips newspaper ad

“You’ve got to wrap ’em up in newspaper, not brown paper or white.”

How about this newspaper ad for a fish and chip shop? The lime segment is one I haven’t seen before. Lemon, yes, but lime? It even makes me think this particular chip shop is a little different to normal ones. First they show you a clever ad, then they introduce lime juice with your meal.

Screamfest poster designs

Screamfest poster 1

Posters designed to advertise Screamfest — a Los Angeles independent horror film festival.

Hawaiian Tropic print advertisement

Here’s a superb example of print advertising, from Grey advertising agency in Stockholm, Sweden. The product being advertised is Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and the tagline beside the lower…

Get free Google, Yahoo and MSN sponsorship

Free sponsored link on Google

Do you want old friends or family to be able to easily find you online? Is your name a common one that you think will never be at the top of a Google, Yahoo or MSN search? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to get yourself a FREE sponsored link at the top of all these search engines.

BMW’s manual gear shift

BMW gear shift ad

A new ad from BBDP & Fils for BMW’s 7 Series.

Einstein drank Guinness

New Guinness ad

Guinness haved launched a few new ads of late, from AMVBBDO ad agency in London. Some of the classic TV ads are hard to top.

Pharma ads from decades past

Alca Butazolidina

There’s an intersting collection of pharamceutical print ads from the 50s, 60s and 70s over at ex-novo’s Espacios publicitarios album.

Creative advertising

I thought I’d share some clever ads from around the world to get the creative juices flowing. Shimmy over to the Advertising / Design Goodness blog for some…

Smoking ruins lives

Tobacco danger

Ask the children of smoker parents.

Hoover advertisment

Hoover advertisment

A top example of print advertising.

JWT get it wrong

horlicks advertisement jwt

Ford, HSBC, Unilever, Vodafone. Just some of the clients of JWT. You’d expect them to be at the top of their game, everytime. This ad (above) produced for the Junior Horlicks sub-brand tells us that even the big guns can waste your advertising spend.

IDBI Bank: Book

IDBI Bank book ad

This print ad caught my eye, for the IDBI Bank’s ‘education loans’.

It focuses your attention on the idea. Created by Bates Enterprise, Mumbai, India. Nice.

Homer Simpson + John Wayne = George Bush

This print ad for Mexican newspaper – Milenio Diario – caught my attention as a light-hearted piece of work.

Milenio George Bush Homer Simpson

The strapline reads, “Such a complex world needs a good explanation”.

The Apprentice termination letter

the apprentice advert

To promote the new series of “The Apprentice” to white-collar workers – the main target audience for the program – the agency obtained staff lists from numerous companies and sent out bogus termination letters that were personalised and hand delivered.

Leo Burnett blood donation

Leo Burnett advert

National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre: Lifeline

The grey text reads, “Our blood bank will soon be dry. Please donate. Call us at 6772 5356.”