Canned air

This air from Prague circulated recently, making me wonder who else has designed canned air packaging.

Canned air
Air of Prague by photographer and graphic artist Kirill Rudenko

“The Air of Prague is also a great gift for your friends and family. Forget the magnets, cups and plates. Bring home something everybody will love and ask questions about, and if anybody is suspicious, just open the can and let them feel the spirit of a thousand years old city.”

In a less tasteful approach there’s this remnant of the 1979 Three Mile Island accident.

Canned radiation
Via Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Multi-use, from the label:

  1. Remove label and tell your enemy its laughing gas
  2. Energy free night light (illuminates in darkness)
  3. Mix with cold cream for that radiant beauty
  4. Instant male sterilization (sniff twice daily)
  5. Use as a room air freshener
  6. Toothpaste recipe: mix 3 to 1 ratio with baking soda, for ever glowing smile

Canned radiation

Are you missing Los Angeles?

Canned smog
Found on box vox

And for the athletes out there, stock-up on some flavoured, purified oxygen.

Big Ox oxygen
Photo via Jeremy Hurley

“BigOx contains 89% pure oxygen in a personal bottle available in 4 different refreshing flavors. (Let’s note that the air we breathe contains 21% of pure oxygen. This is true only in places that are not highly elevated or polluted, in which case the percentage of oxygen is even less.)”

I’d go for the mountain mint if I wasn’t hooked on Perri-Air.

Mel Brooks, via Flickr

Perri-Air Spaceballs scene on YouTube.

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  1. Wow, I’ve heard of oxygen bars but thought these were all just packages that people designed to showcase their packaging skills. I think they’re complete nonsense but almost tempted to buy the LA or Three Mile Island can to keep on my desk.

  2. This is awesome! I actually would consider buying the canned air from Prague, just to have something sitting around like that and because I go to Czech at least once a year. Definitely would be a conversation starter!

  3. Ahah! I soon as I saw the first image, it reminded me of my all-time favourite comedy, Spaceballs.

    I see, though, by the end of the post, you’d got that base covered and included the image of President Skroob with the infamous can of Perri-Air! Classic…

  4. Hi there. This post recalled the memory of my childhood ~ I was an 8-year-old little boy who liked to read a book called ‘100,000 Why’. And there was a story about Selling Air hehehe.

    It’a about a business man deeply in love with the first astronaut of America, and he bought all the air sample in the hotel in which the astronaut had slept in.

    I like this post, thought I’d share my story with you.


  5. If we can bottle water, brand it, sell it and be the number 2 selling beverage category in the world, well, I now see where we are headed. The LA smog is great!

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