Business cards by Oomph

Jack from Oomph, a plastic card printing company based in Hampshire, England, got in touch recently asking if I’d like a sample.

Oomph business cards

Oomph business cards

Oomph business cards

Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it.

Rounded corners were the only cut available because angles would literally be too sharp. Mine have a matt finish with a spot UV varnish, giving a nice texture change. Comparing them to Luxe by MOO, I prefer the grain of MOO’s Mohawk superfine over the smoothness of the plastic.

They’re as thick as a credit card, so obviously won’t crease — ideal for a tradesperson (or someone in the plastics industry?) who wants to carry a few without the need for a holder.

If plastic appeals, stop by the Oomph website to see what’s on offer. There’s a minimum order quantity of 500, but if you give your details you can get some pre-made samples.

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  1. I have been shopping around lately with printers. I really enjoy the rounded corners. Not sure if I would get plastic, maybe for certain business exchange functions through chamber of commerce. I have heard great things about MOO, and I have been running back to vistaprint a few times. I still can’t decide who to go with though. Any opinions on vista prints services? There is a little voice inside my head telling me to stay away from Vista, I just don’t know why yet.

  2. I like your other cards better David!
    I don’t know, to me the rounded corners ruined the whole thing, feels a bit like something you would find on the table in a hamburger resturant or something and I wouldn’t go with plastic, just my personal thought though.

    To me paper always holds a special place when it comes to business cards, something plastic can’t top (well unless it’s in the plastic industry perhaps then as you pointed out).

    Brett, I have the same idea about Vistaprint and I think it’s because they supply logodesign either for free or to untasteful prices, I don’t know but it puts me off a bit from buying from them.

  3. @Brett Wright, have you read any reviews on Vista Print? Yes, they are very popular but the quality and prices that they offer is not worth it (imho). It’s hard to compare MOO to Vista Print, they offer totally different products and deliver far better quality.

    Other than these two printing companies there are plenty more that will satisfy or even exceed your needs.

    Anyways, I love the clean minimalistic design on these business cards, but personally I think your MOO cards have a far better personal touch.

  4. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a quality printed business card. If this is what you want then you have to stay away from Vista! Shocking standard. That’s my opinion with 18 years experience working in the print industry.

  5. I just ordered a set of luxe cards from MOO for a client a couple of weeks ago. They were absolutely gorgeous prints! Got the colored edge tipping that matched the colors on the card, I only wish they had more options on those colors. Do you know of any other printers that offer similar services? Also, isn’t the packaging at MOO just wonderful? They really make you feel special.

  6. It’s too bad they only have 4 colors – the blue is ok, I can match the client’s logo blue to it, but they can’t do gray from the black… It does alter the look. But it is cheaper (way way cheaper) than letterpress, so the client is still willing to try with the black… I hope it will turn out great.

  7. Plastic fantastic eh? As suspected.

    My Moo cards, the same as David’s, arrived last week also. Beautiful paper, but the printing quality is poor in my opinion and does not do the paper, or service, justice. I am guessing they have created a special printer able to digital print on this thick Mohawk paper, which unfortunately appears pixelated/washy on close inspection.

    For the price point though Moo wins me over. With their business template setup for companies with more that 6(?) staff this is going to be hard to beat for those clients who demand a fast professional turnaround.

    For those clients who demand their business card to meet their high standards I’ll be sticking to letterpress and spot printing.

    Thank you David for directing me to Moo. Although a very successful company I had never heard of them.

    How’s the book coming?


  8. Off topic sorry:

    Hey David, you should look into getting a Retina Logo for your web sites! They are not looking so hot on my macbook retina. There is a super simple .js file which will allow you to specify two logos.

  9. Forgot to say. Please get a retina logo because the rest of your site is damn sexy! Beautiful font rendering and blog images. With your clean design it’s a weekly indulgence of mine to visit. Keep up the great work.

  10. I prefer the others too, Martin. As David says, they don’t compare to letterpress in terms of print quality, but you wouldn’t get letterpress for the same price.

    Seth, not sure about other printers with that same layering option, but there’s always edge painting as a substitute.

    David, the book’s 99% done, thanks for asking. I’m hopeful that my side of things will be finished by the end of the week, and I can’t wait to see it in print! I’m not too clued in when it comes to serving code for different displays. Is there an online tutorial that explains how to show a clearer logo for retina displays?

  11. Hi David,

    Just visit here for super simple instructions. (you just need to add one line of code to your WordPress template header.php file, upload the .js file and you are ready to start creating your Retina graphics):

    For any graphic you want to provide a retina alternative for just create a new image exactly two times the original size and name it “image-name-here@2x.png”.

    The script will detect you uploaded an @2x.png file and serve that to people on Retina screens. (Same filename scheme as we work with on Apple iOS programming in fact).

    Dead simple and minimal. Should suit you well. Any questions let me know.

  12. Sorry David that was ill advice, place the script in your footer. This way your page and content will load first (resulting in happier search engines). Apologies.

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