Brochure design for the non-profit Darbar

Darbar, a non-profit organisation for South Asian music, approached me to design their 2008 festival brochure. Below are a few sample pages from the printed publication.

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

Darbar brochure design

The brochure is A5 in size, saddle-stitched, and runs over 36 pages. Two main typefaces are used throughout – Clarendon (for headings) and Gotham (for body text). The best example of both together is shown on the front cover (the very first photo).

The aim of the piece is to promote Darbar’s third music festival, based in England. More than 35 artists from Britain and overseas come together to represent some 20 traditions in South Asian music.

For an insight into the music played, and the fantastic talent who participate, watch this 10 minute video on YouTube.

Darbar │ South Asian Music Festival

If the video above doesn’t appear, visit this link to Darbar on YouTube.

A special thanks to Sandeep Virdee, Darbar’s Artistic Director, for choosing to work with me on this project. We’re currently creating a 12 x 12 inch art book, which will be the first of its kind for the South Asian music sector. The photography is stunning, and I will feature it here once designed and printed.

Are you a South Asian music fan? What are your thoughts on the brochure design? Comments are very welcome.

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  1. I remember last year when i was making the brochure for my college fest, it was a hell time for me . really brochure designing is very hard .. placing items here and there, manipulating many things.. uff ..
    This one which u hv designed is an excellent one.. and i learned a lot from it.

  2. Hye David,

    I’m originally from South ‘East’ Asia and I sometimes like to consider myself as South Asian Music fans. Even though this is only part of it, both of Darbar and you (David) have upgrade the status South Asian music as well as culture. I am waiting to hear the sounds of Asia here in UK. And if you happen to visit my country (Malaysia – multi racial country), you would be amazed with all the cultures and traditions we have.

    For the design, it is absolutely exclusive. Can I get one of them please? :D Keep up the good work.

  3. Nitin,

    What I find rewarding about brochure design is the tangibility. It’s always a pleasure receiving some of my design work through the letterbox, especially when sometimes it’s the only physical contact I have with clients.

    In this case, I’ve met with the Darbar team in person, which was also a pleasure.


    That’s right. There’s definitely been an Indian connection here recently.


    Here’s a short, but excellent YouTube video from Darbar’s 2006 festival, showing the vocalist, Nina Virdee. I’m glad you like the design, although in order to get a copy you’ll have to contact Darbar, as I only have the one shown above.

    I’ve been to Malaysia a few years back, but would have loved to stay longer and visit Taman Negara. I stayed on Penang for a while, then drove to KL to see the city sights. For how long did you live there?

  4. I am very happy to see you designing this brochure for “Darbar”, looks like you are getting close to India by some or the other way. [Read Goa trip or designing for Darbar] :)

  5. Brian,

    I do use InDesign for page layout, and find it much easier to work with than QuarkXPress (my previous tool of choice).

    I was supplied with the copy and photographs for this project, and that “Leicester does have…” text is a quote from Songlines, a magazine about world music.


    I’d love to piece together some InDesign tutorial posts, but it’s something I’ll have to put on the backburner as I have a lot happening right now. Thanks for the suggestion though. If you know of any good tutorial sites, do let me know, as there’s so much I’ve yet to learn about InDesign.

  6. I like it David.

    Do you use InDesign for your brochure work? I like how you always show good pictures of your work in posts like this.

    Did the client require you to come up with the various taglines and things like “Leicester does have…”?

  7. Hmmm… South Asia… I think you can find me there.
    Great work David. Can you tell in detail how you go about placing and blending the pictures in the brochure?

  8. I’m glad you like Malaysia. What’s best is that for the same type of food (or almost everything) you can get in UK is about 6 – 7 times cheaper in Malaysia. I was born and lived there up to last September. I further my study here in UK and will get back there in 3.5 years.

    Taman Negara is amazing esp. the canopy walk! If you have a chance, try to go scuba diving or visit popular beaches such as Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) or Pulau Redang, etc. 3 major city KL, Penang, Johor Bahru (JB – my hometown) which is quite close to Singapore.

    I hope you like Asian food as well. :D I miss them a lot. *People used to name Malaysia as Food Paradise.

  9. Fantastic work, David! Thank you so much for sharing!

    And I agree there’s something so great about doing printwork. Website and logo projects always end with that anticlimactic email “send.” But getting to actually print out something you designed, touch it and smell the ink…love it!

  10. Thanks Mig, Charlie, Igor.


    I hope you enjoy the festival once it arrives!


    The Taman Negara canopy walk was something I really wanted to do, so here’s hoping I can next time around. All the very best for your few years living here in the UK.

  11. HiYa David

    Great Design…Lovely!
    I agree that the best thing about print is seeing the finished article and holding it in your hands. We recently produced a 40 page A4 report for the Environment Agency that we had ‘perfect bound’ (hadn’t done that before…beautifully neat finish). It has a spider button in the inside cover to hold a DVD too. We were thrilled with it (so were they) and all printed on 100% recycled paper which is so nice to do! :)
    Who said ‘print is dead’?!?

  12. Very nice work David! Brochure design and print design in itself is an area that I don’t have much experience. I’m just not familiar with the software (like InDesign) enough to create something and on top of that I’m not super familiar with all the file formats needed so that when printed, it looks good.

    Good work yet again though.

  13. I was really impressed by the… I guess it was the seventh picture shown here, the one that was mainly covered by pictures. I tried to do something similar but I didn’t manage to create that “whole” effect that you created! Any tips on how I can do that? :D
    Congratulations! You are really good!

  14. Toni,

    Glad you got a good finish with the perfect binding. I’ve seen some very poor results for those using an unreliable printer / binder. Print is here for some time yet. No doubt.

    Deron, Chaitanya,

    Thanks very much.


    I wanted to include a PDF download, but the filesize is quite large. I’ll have another look and post a new comment if I offer one.


    To create the centre spread (7th image from top) I created a grid of equal sized squares (all the size of the smallest image). Then, I merged a few together to give the variations, whilst keeping the same grid lines in place. Does that make sense?

  15. Nice work David, good colour use throughout and the fonts seem to work well. I did the Summer In The City marketing for Cambridge for 2005 & 2006 so I know it can be a challenge to get all the info in, looking good and easy to follow. That Darbar logo looks just like one I did a few years ago! No accusations being thrown, just an observation.
    I’ve seen my fair share of Indian musicians through a number of visits to Womad festivals – big fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Sheila Chandra. Looks like a good time will be had!

  16. Very nice work David! Brochure design and print design in itself is an area that I don’t have much experience. I’m just not familiar with the software (like InDesign) enough to create something and on top of that I’m not super familiar with all the file formats needed so that when printed, it looks good.

  17. Thanks very much, everyone, and apologies for the delay in response.


    The Darbar logo looks like quite a few I’ve seen, with the first instance coming from back in the 1970s, and shown on the iconic logo designers website (by Anton Stankowski). Do you have yours online? I’d be interested in taking a look, as I’m compiling a collection of similar logos.


    InDesign’s an excellent program, and I’d recommend it over Quark.

  18. nice work – i like it –
    -i have a questions – are you work with adobe illustrator or indesign ???
    -are these a poanton color or 4 (cmyk)??
    thanks :)

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