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Bob Gill, so far.

That book I mentioned arrived a few days ago.

Bob Gill, so far

Inside the cardboard covers are more than three hundred of Gill’s most inventive images from his eighteen books, together with a few thoughts about how to get an original idea.

Bob Gill, so far

Bob Gill, so far

“If anyone who can type can do much of the work previously done by well-paid specialists, what’s left for the designer? They have to do things that a typist with a computer can’t do. This means they have to be thinkers, problem-solvers, whether they like it or not.”

Bob Gill, so far

Bob Gill, so far
“When you point a finger at someone, remember, three fingers are pointed at you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of the spreads are sparse with one image per page. Sometimes a single-sentence description will run along the bottom. Gill’s work doesn’t need much of a description. It’s obvious. Not in a bad way, but obvious in the way that we often miss the hidden gem that’s right under our nose.

Bob Gill, so far
Logo: John Page, sound recordist, spelled phonetically

If you don’t have any of Bob Gill’s books, this is the one to buy. Even if you have two or three, it’s still a great addition to the library.

Bob Gill, so far

Buy Bob Gill, so far from publisher Laurence King, or through Amazon.

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5 comments about “Bob Gill, so far.”

  1. A great name, nobody can deny that, but it’s a shame that he’s basically recycled his other books into a bigger one.

  2. The last page is very true! :)

  3. Some of Bob’s books aren’t easy to get hold of, and he’d just turned 80 when this was put together. Younger designers are very unlikely to buy all his books, so if there’s ever a good time for a “best of,” I think this is it.

  4. I believe you have sold it to me.

  5. I agree. Every designer should have at least one of this books on their bookshelf and every design student should be taught how he redefines a brief to arrive at a solution to a problem.

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