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I’ve launched a single page site to feature some of the world’s most iconic logo designers. Included are Herb Lubalin, Steff Geissbuhler, Alan Fletcher, and others.

A few weeks ago, friend and fellow designer, Paul Enderson, mentioned that the logosdesigners.com domain was for sale. I bought it for $35. It’s not quite logodesigners.com (note the extra ‘s’ on ‘logos’ in the one I bought), but it’s relevant, contains keywords, and proved a lot cheaper than “logodesigners.” The idea was to set up a hosting account, add content about the designers, include a link or two pointing toward www.davidairey.com and see if I can bring any visitors this way.

Using keywords within domain names helps a bit with search engine rankings, and for some time now I’ve planned on updating my best logo designers post. This seemed like a good time to take Paul’s tip and track the results.

best logo designers

On the site are short bios and resources for more than 35 of the world’s top designers of logos. I’ve not finished, so if you have any suggestions, do let me know.

Lindon Leader FedEx logo
Lindon Leader and his Fedex logo

Thanks to those who have offered feedback through the HOW design forum.

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  1. Great site. I wish you good luck in this new project.

    It certainly is a good domain name with an excellent price.

  2. That’s a sharp looking web site; simplicity squared. As for recommending a designer I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of the guy who created the Swiss Air identity package, but I can’t recall it. I remember reading about the new design for the airline at work one night and I thought it was awesome. He would be a good one to add.

  3. Interesting navigation which works well. US35 is a bargain, can’t go wrong there. Are you planning to dominate all 1-10 positions in google for “logo designer”? ;-) Good luck with your new website!

  4. Alec,

    I thought it was a price not to miss out on. Thanks buddy.


    Very curious what this new venture of yours is, and I’m looking forward to you finishing it.


    Thanks for taking the time to look up, and email, some other domain names. Kind of you.


    I appreciate the luck, cheers.


    Simplicity works for me, everytime. I think the Swiss Air logo was created by Karl Gerstner. Good of you to offer a suggestion, which I’ll certainly look into further.


    I’m glad you think the navigation works well, because I was concerned it wouldn’t, and have been thinking about changing it. As for ‘logo designer’ in Google, I’m seeing if I can make a dent in the plural, because I reckon a lot of potential clients will search for ‘logo designers’.

  5. I think the new site is a great idea. I like the design which is simple and clean and I kind of like the navigation. Look forward to the updates!


  6. You also might want to consider adding a small footer to the ‘View the logo designers’ post/article with something like.. When you’re done reading why not visit LogoDesignLove or David Airey for more logo inspiration. And you might want to consider adding a “contact form” or a “request a quote” form for potential customers.

  7. What a terrific idea & beautiful site! Definitely will round back for a deeper dive later. Best of luck!

    Are you as struck as I am that the last century’s top of the crop designers have been all men? :&

  8. When you find a great domain name like that, especially one that’s part of your niche, you’ve got a moral obligation to grab it!

    $35… Boy, that’s cheap not matter what currency you’re using for such a great domain name!

    The site is beautiful!!! Clean, crisp… and very, very well done. Nice job and congratulations on a great find and a great implementation!

  9. Nice idea David. I love the way marketing is changing – the fact that this site of yours is informative but, very subtly points people in your direction. The idea of just sticking an advert in the local paper is dead (thank god).

    I’ll certainly be checking a few of those famous names as I research my current corporate identity project …

  10. Hi David,
    I like your new site very much and I agree that it is a great catch! I especially love the simplicity you encorporated in the header, and I wish you the best of luck with building it up.

    Keep it up,

  11. Nice use of javascript!

    I don’t know much about designers themselves, they really get known for their work, or their work gets known but they don’t. Good project that you’ve started.

  12. Steve, Richard, Robert, James,

    Thanks very much guys.


    Your footer idea is good, though I’m not too keen to add a ‘request quote’ link. I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for business when such iconic designers are listed.

    Van Hong,

    I’ve been asking people for their female recommendations, and have just added Paula Scher (Pentagram Partner) to the list. More to follow soon.

    (Niche Marketing),

    You’re too kind, but I agree, great price. :)


    I’ve never actually paid to place a newspaper ad, but I’m certainly glad I don’t have to. Tracking results would definitely be more difficult.


    It was obvious to me how little I also knew about the designers themselves, when compiling the resource. Thankfully a few of the people mentioned have been keeping me on the right track. As for the use of javascript, I like it too, even if I can’t take any credit.

  13. Thanks for the heads-up, Antonio. I’ve amended Otl’s feature to include his logo for ERCO.

    There are conflicting reads about the Lufthansa identity, where here it mentions Aicher played a part after 1950, but I’ve also read Otto Firle created it around 1920.

    Do you know anything about that one?

  14. Hi David,
    I’ve been coming to your site for quite a while now but have never commented before! I’d just like to congratulate you on all 3 of your websites! They’re very neat, simple, easy to use and most of all they’re a great help!

    It was only a year ago i realised that Graphic Design was the career for me and i must say, your site has been very helpful. I have a meeting with a design company about a possible job on friday. I’m taking one finished project, a corporate identity package with me to show to the studio manager. I just wanted your advice on what else i could whip up to impress him, any ideas?

    Keep up the good work!! =)

  15. Great job David, really great. So obvious a site to create and yet no one has!
    Good things come from small comments eh?

  16. Thats ace and great use of the accordion framework to showcase the site.

    Im not strictly a logo designing person myself, but this site has certainly inspired me to find out more and your new site will be a source of great inspiration and motivation to do so.

  17. Kerry,

    Thanks for leaving your first comment, and for the congratulations. What job are you applying for? I suggest taking three or four of your strongest projects with you, so the interviewer has more than one to look at. Good luck.


    The first link is where I learnt of Firle’s design, and I had an inkling Aicher expanded upon it. Good of you to help. Your initial comment didn’t appear at first due to the number of links within it.

    Steve, Mark,

    Glad you like the resource. Tony Spaeth, of Identity Works, was going to create a similar website last year, but never got around to it. He’s been helping with suggestions for inclusion.

  18. David,
    Thanks for the advice, however i only have one finished project at the moment as i’m only at college part time while working part time too.

    The company weren’t advertising for anyone, i just decided to send off CVs to all the design companies in my area to see where it got me! I’m only 20 and have been studying graphic design for only a year (although i did do art and graphics for my GCSEs), hopefully this won’t go against me.

    I guess i’ll just have to show him what i’ve got and talk my way through it! =) Thanks again for all the information on your site, it’s been a great help and i shall continue to visit regularly!

  19. Loving the initiative, Kerry. I’ve often told friends not to wait for job advertisements, and to contact those people you want to work with, regardless of whether they’re actively seeking help.

    I hope it goes well for you.

  20. I agree, good job taking the initiative, I am in the process of starting my own business online and it feels great not working for somebody else.

  21. Hi David,

    Just thought i’d let you know that the meeting with the studio manager went really well!!

    Although they don’t have any jobs at the moment he liked my work (he even uttered the word wow at one piece!!) and told me to send in more as i finish it. He’s going to email me if any vacancies arise but because of the credit crunch things have been quiet.

    All in all i’m really chuffed – even though i didn’t get a job, =)

  22. Hi David, I love the new website. If no one suggested Alan Fleming, I’d like to suggest him. It would so great to see him on there too. All the things you design are so beautiful. I’m a fan.



  23. Waah! another designer related site by David. It’s good to have really talented logo designer like you around David.. Wish you luck + all da best!

    Will check out the new site shortly..

  24. Brilliant! I particularly like the links to other resources for each of the designers. This is a great alternative to sites like Logo Pond and Logo Sauce because it is jam-packed with only the highest quality designs. Not to say that those other sites only have poor quality logos, but I think the majority can tend to be merely ok.

    One question: why aren’t you in there? ;)

    Oh yes, and Stumbled!

  25. Hi David,

    What do you think of the old concept that a logo is only good when it’s faxed or photocopied? This occurred to me recently, and old school worked, purely because the logo was 2 colour, but do ‘modern’ logos work, and I had to persuade the client that 2 colour’s good,

  26. Hi James,

    The concept you mention isn’t so applicable nowadays. Particularly as less and less people use fax machines. However, I do tend to prefer simplistic designs that don’t rely on colour, and logos will always be more adaptable if they can reproduce in a single tone.

  27. Thanks David. All of your sites are full of great resources. Keep up the great work and I’ll pass this along to all of my design friends.


  28. I can’t believe you got that domain name for $35. Well done. Glad to know that there are still some great names out there for cheap cheap prices.

    Do you do logs for $35? :)

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