Aspect 46 brand identity design

Aspect 46 is a start-up business facilitation service based in Spokane, Washington. The name is derived from the way things are viewed or regarded, and the number of chromosomes in a human. My task was to create an appropriate symbol, wordmark, and stationery.

Aspect 46 fleece design

View the portfolio entry here: Aspect 46.

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  1. Interesting, did the design for this come much easier than the Tunelinks design? There are much fewer notes or at least posted notes and the mindmap is almost non-existent.

  2. Great work (as usual) David – I very much like the simplified version on the clothing, and the thought process behind the design. You’ve also used one of my favorite fonts. Neat to see your work on our shores and an Aussie business showing some style!

  3. Chris, I haven’t showed everything from my notebook, but you’re right, the idea came much easier than the Tunelinks design. Sometimes a solution that seems obvious, or is arrived at early, can also be the most effective.

    Sonia, thanks very much for the compliment. Nate proved to be a fantastic client, and it was a pleasure working with him.

  4. Although I did like the tunelinks one a lot, I definitely prefer this one even more. The business card looks really clean and sleek too!

  5. I do really like the simplicity of this. Especially the business card looks very clean, love them :)

  6. Been busy recently David haven’t we?!

    Looks sweet. Works very well on black or white. It’s great to see your notes and train of thought as you’re developing ideas.

  7. Great process!
    Love its simplicity. It translates very well to the different materials.

  8. The final pair completes the total amount of chromosomes, great concept and simplied execution. One of your best yet, next to your Ganze wordmark logo.

  9. Great , David. So quickly after the Tunelinks another one to admire;)
    Really great logo.

  10. sampath

    This is awesome david, keep it up.

  11. Hi David, Great stuff as usual. Are you going to be posting all your portfolio pieces on your blog? Any new logo designs on the horizon?

    Also, I love seeing logos in context, but does anyone else think the mannequin looks like he’s not wearing any pants…?

  12. I’ve got to admit that I didn’t see the XX/XY characters at first. It looked like a tilted crosshair with a missing part. But as soon as I read the company’s profile and your notes it wall made sense.

    Loved your work, always subtle yet with a strong sense of branding.

  13. Hi Andy, I’m going to be posting one or two more portfolio entries very soon — those that weren’t previously published here on my .com site. This means I can make full use of the portfolio attached to the blog, rather than directing visitors elsewhere (to the Regarding the mannequin, there weren’t any trousers on it, and it was a definitely necessary to crop the crotch area.

    Thanks for the comments, folks.

  14. Great as usual, so is your book.
    However I’m wondering something, do you always write stuffs down on your notebook in such a clean way, or do you happen to sometimes rewrite it for portfolio purposes? If not, I’m speechless about your self discipline.

  15. Awesome work yet again. An attractive logo that actually has meaning, very rare to see this these days. How quick was the turnaround if you don’t mind me asking?

  16. Thanks for picking up a copy of my book, Maxime. Even better that you think it’s great. Sometimes my writing and sketches are messier, but you could say I’m quite fussy when it comes to neatness and presentation.

  17. Jon Windsor

    This is an ordinary solution that thinks its clever. My advice would be to not show your thinking as it
    re-inforces the weakness in this case. It is also poorly spaced.

  18. Simple, clean and works brilliantly in context. One of the most impressive things though is how seriously neat/tidy your handwriting and notes are (sheer envy from here as I scrawl like a possessed toddler). Neat writing – it’s the way forward.

  19. The idea strikes me as one of those that you just know is going to be great… the whole idea process (what we see of it) can be distilled into those 2 tiny sketches at the bottom. However the translation from the grid paper to card, clothing and ID is very well handled.

    fills me with calm… which is a good sign for visual designer, means you’ve done it right with no rough edges.

  20. Love the documented piece. Great one.

  21. I missed your question about turnaround times there, Kelvin. From receipt of downpayment to the supply of artwork took between three and four weeks.

    About your Twitter message (where you ask if I know of WordPress integration resources), I’m not sure where you should look, unfortunately. My advice would be to use WordPress for your entire site, rather than simply bolt it onto something else. I think that’d help keep a greater sense of design consistency (or at least make it much easier to do so).

    Jon, Tom, Tony, Mike, good of you to visit and share your thoughts.

  22. Great logo, actually one of my favourites you have done. It is simple, rememberable and would work well in many different formats. Reminds me of a similar project I designed myself incorporating the “XX” and “XY” onto apparel representing both the female and male alternatives.

  23. Nice design David, been a while since I visited, and have to say the overall look of the site is now super clean. Virtually nothing here to interfere with the content. Keep up the good work!

  24. Sounds like an incredibly similar project there, Andy. Glad you like.

    Steve, it’s that super clean look I’m going for, putting the focus on the larger images I’m now able to show. I updated from the older three-column design you’d be familiar with a couple of days back. Glad I did, too. I hope you’ve been keeping well.

  25. Very clean, with a clever meaning. Neat notes too!!!

    Do like the business card, was there anything on the other side?

  26. Wow, so much thought in this one! Not just a collection of lines but a total meaning. Love the new layout of the site as well. Curious, the David Airey logo up top has no orange stripe through it but your comment images do not. Wondering if this was on purpose or not.

  27. Woah, the XX/XY thing is like the FedEx arrow. You don’t see it until it’s pointed out, then you can’t stop seeing it.

  28. My eyeballs went right to the lower right, outer-most angle of the “thatch” and right up the left side of the A. It feels, ever so slightly, like those angles are close enough to cause tension but not disparate enough to dissipate.

    However, my eyeballs are really at easy on the new site. Liking it more and more with each visit, and I liked it a lot the first visit of the redesign :).

  29. Great work again David, am always coming back to your site and admiring your logo work. It’s very inspiring for another designer.

    Will have to show you some logos Ive been working on lately.

  30. Anujit Roy

    Another timeless identity – great work.

  31. Great work David, its really good, helpful & useful to be able to view another designers creative process.

  32. There was a back to the card, Mike. Here’s what Nate and I decided upon:

    Kiren, I’ll probably remove the strike-through from my comment logo. Either that, or add it to the header file, but I think I’ll remove it.

    Doug, I see you’re changing your blog design, too. Definitely cleaner than what I remember from the older version. Good luck with it.

  33. Great simple solution! This has differently got that extra x factor, that special something that makes it stand out.

  34. David, great job. I’ve been checking out your stuff recently and have your book in my wishlist.

    Amazing concept. Seems like this was as natural as a waterfall. Your notes were like Hansel & Gretel following the breadcrumbs back home.

    That is the kind of logo mark that looks kill as a blind emboss or a spot UV when used on print media.

    Keep it up man, great stuff again.

  35. Brilliant. Truly spells out that ‘less is more’. I’m an aspiring graphic designer. I work in a brilliant company but since I’m so new, my nervousness affects my creativity.

  36. Perfect! Really love the XX/XY! clean and sharp, congratulations!

  37. Petar Sturm

    Very good work, Airey. It’s funny how making the fattest font on earth even fatter, actually made it look good.

  38. Hi David,

    Great site! I like your notes on this project. Plus you came up with a very creative way of coming up of a symbol that would best represent the company. Good job.

    More power.


  39. hello david, excellent execution (yet again!). i was SO happy to see this logo as i currently reside in spokane, wa! your work is brilliant and inspires me everyday.

  40. Wow,
    What a clever idea that has been represented so well through the X’s and Y’s.
    I don’t know what Jon is talking about but I think it works just fine.

  41. This is great work, and very clever if I say so myself. Honestly at first glance (before reading the description of Aspect 46), I thought it was XXXXVI, but obviously 46 is writen XLVI. Until I read the description, did I realize chromosomes which made a lot more sense than what I had thought, but well done!

  42. Do you ever show clients sketches or do you always render your ideas on illustration software to show them?

  43. Almost always rendered, Tyra. But sometimes it can save time to show ideas in sketch format (as long as the sketches represent effective options).

  44. Marlon

    Hey David, I really dig your design process, I am a young graphic designer with a passion for all forms of art. Your portfolio gives me the high to produce great stuff. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a look at some of the identity projects i have done identity projects.

    Oh and I love your book, It is the most valuable design book that I have read to this day.


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