A book by its cover

Logo Design Love book cover

The front cover and spine are final, and it’s just the back cover that needs a final check by my editor. You can download the full size PDF here.


Update: 26 November 2009
I’ve updated the back cover with a very welcome quote from iconic designer Tom Geismar. See the new cover spread here.


When asked if I wanted a matte or gloss finish, I chose matte, and asked if I could have the word “DESIGN” embossed. Waiting for confirmation.

With a little help from Photoshop I created a digital mock-up showing how it’ll look once printed and bound.

Logo Design Love book cover

It’s getting very close.


Update: 19 December 2009
You can download a full chapter from the book here, for free.


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  1. Looking good, excited to get my hands on it!

  2. So cool, David. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. The cover looks fantastic. Congrats on getting so close to it’s release! I’m sure it will have great success.

  4. The cover looks great, do you have a general release date in mind?

  5. Someone’s excited:) I hope it does good in the marketplace.

  6. Very nice!!! There’s the possibility that it will be translate in italian??….

  7. Congratulations!
    Can’t wait to get mine… :)

  8. Great job with the Photoshop pic. I’ve been keeping my eyes on your content to find out when’s the publishing date. I was hoping I could catch a copy for Christmas? Good luck! –Paul

  9. Very nice, but I’m sad to see Canadians are being gouged on the price. Our dollar has been pretty much at parity with the USD for the last couple years.

  10. Clare Balmer

    I have pre-ordered already…

  11. I’m unsure of the exact release date, Paul, but the original plan was to have the book on shelves before Christmas. I aim to have all production files passed to my publisher by the end of this week / start of next.

    Emy, there’s no thoughts to translate it. That’ll depend on sales, I guess.

    About any price difference between the United States and Canada, I believe the cost of warehousing in another country comes into play, but as I don’t set the figures I can’t say for sure.

    Thanks very much for the kind words, everyone!

  12. Congratulations, David! I will definitely be looking for a copy to add to my book collection. You’re right on time with my father’s Spanish book, he hopes to have his on shelves by Christmas as well.

  13. Looks great, the very best of luck with it!

  14. Ooooh exciting! Better get this bad boy out by xmas David!

  15. I like design of your book. :) Hope it will come out before Christmas. :)

  16. Congrats!
    It looks great and attractive. when are you releasing in the market? I i’m eager to have a copy of my own.

  17. Cute! I like…

  18. Congrats David – i love it! simple, sleek, AWESOME! can’t wait!

  19. HUGE CONGRATS DAVID!!! Looks great! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  20. Congratulations David!! cant wait till its out in the market to get my own copy to add to my collection.. Love the cover design, so simple & eye-catching.. Your progress is one to look at and admire, keep us inspired!!

  21. Nice and clean. However, I read it as “love logo design love” because of the heart icon before the word “logo”. I guess it’s because I am very familiar with Milton Glaser’s “I love NY” logo -dp

  22. You must be elated …. so close to releasing your first book. I’m happy for you and excited to see the tangible version. Long live print.


  23. Igor Geyfman

    Cheers David, can’t wait to read it!

  24. theComplex

    AWESOME! Wow… this really looks great.

  25. Very nice, look forward to seeing it!

  26. David, Loving the cover design. When will it become available?

  27. Wow. Nice design. Before Christmas is a nice time. Everyone can find some time to read as much during the holidays.

  28. Going to look great on my bookshelf! Glad it coming along so nicely!

  29. Preordered the book last night, looking forward to reading it and hopefully putting together a review.

    About the Canadian price difference, as of right now, there is a $3 difference between amazon.com and amazon.ca so it’s not too bad. But where’s the link to amazon.ca on the book’s website for us Canadians ;)?

  30. Congratulations David! I can’t wait to get a copy as well. See? already guaranteed to be a best-seller! ;D

  31. I want one, soon! Will be a must have book for designers.

    Congrats David! :)

  32. Talk about a nice reception! Brilliant. I just hope the content lives up to expectations.

    Omar, my best to your father for getting his book launched on time.

    Sampath, Andrea, I should’ve mentioned in the post (rather than just in comments)—hoping to have the book released by Christmas, but as I don’t have a specific date, I can’t say for sure. I believe it’s to be stocked in the major US brick and mortar stores, so I hope someone will take a little on-shelf pic for me when the time comes, as a memento.

    David, a review sounds great. Constructive criticism is, as always, very appreciated, too.

    Nancy, Erik, and everyone else who has taken time out to comment, thanks so much for the support! I’m now in the process of uploading the completed artwork to my publisher’s FTP site, where it’ll be pulled for production. Fingers crossed there are no preflighting hiccups.

  33. Congratulations, David. This is fantastic – from blogger to book author – thoroughly deserved!

  34. I am def getting one, congrats!

  35. It looks great,. can’t wait for it to come out.

  36. Awesome, looking really good David. Now I can’t remember if I’ve already pre-ordered or not…

  37. David, congratulations! I saw this on Amazon a while back and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it’s release ever since. Can’t wait!


  38. Looks good! Shall look forward to seeing it!

  39. Nice and clean, David. Can’t wait to read it.


  40. Congratulations David! I look forward to when it will be available in the stores.

  41. Jon Liebold

    Sexy. Can’t wait until it is on my shelf :)

  42. Lovely :)

    So when are you launching the competition for 10 free copies of the book to the winning entries? ;)

  43. Looks great. Would be nice to have it on the shelves before the festive season, but remember – A logo is for life, not just for Christmas! :-)

  44. Looking forward to see it in the Colonies as well :)
    Great job!

  45. Congratulations David, I really hope this works out big time because you deserve the best.

  46. Marty Jones

    Fantastic choice with Matte. Glossy cover tend to take a lot less damage than matte. To be honest, I thought that picture was an actual book and I got really excited.

    Haha, looking forward to the release!

  47. Hey, I like the idea of use of digital mockup to check out the looks of the finished book :-) really fantastic idea …. sure I will suggest to one of my friend who works in local publication house :-) Mahesh

  48. Chuck Spidell

    Huge congrats on your book. Matte is the way to go. Or there’s always a dull varnish with spot gloss.

  49. How is “Logo Designer Love” coming along as the follow up companion book? You know, the guide to iconic logo designers?

  50. Publishers know a lot more about cover creation than authors, so they don’t listen to author’s input. They know what sells books. They hire the illustrator, so I’m not sure how the friend of a commenter got to draw his own cover.

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