Six months of Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

My second blog, Logo Design Love, has been live for 6 months now. Here just a few of the highlights.

Logo Design Love subscriber count

logo design love subscriber count

At the time of writing, there are approximately 3,800 RSS subscribers, and more than 400 people choosing to subscribe by email. Thanks!

First published article

Victoria Albert Museum logo

The very first Logo Design Love post featured 10 creative monogram logo designs. There are now only nine, as for copyright reasons I needed to remove the Formula One logo. Still, there are some excellent designs that remain — particularly the late Alan Fletcher’s V&A monogram.

Your favourite logo article

carrier ford logos

The most popular post has been the recent similar logo designs feature, with over 100,000 views since it was published two weeks ago.

I’ve since seen more logos that look alike, and here’s another two.

Herb Lubalin’s Families, from 1980, and the recent Tate Families.

families logos

I’m sure the designers lifted some ‘inspiration’ from Herb Lubalin’s fantastic logo. You can read more about Herb, and other design greats, on the iconic logo designers website.

Other popular logo articles

The following posts proved popular with you, and received a lot of attention / comments / links — though nowhere near as much as the similar logos feature.

Logo Design Love Awards judges’ verdict
My first logo awards proved a success in my eyes, and I’d again like to thank the judges who gave their time to judge your blog logos:

79 of the best logo design resources
This collection of logo resources is continuously updated, and I’ve received quite a few ‘thank you’ notes for piecing it together.

Thoughts and suggestions

If you’re one of the thousands who subscribe, it’s great to have you as a reader. If you haven’t yet subscribed, and would like to receive regular (once or twice weekly) updates about logo design, you can subscribe from this page.

Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can improve Logo Design Love. You help make the website what it is.

36 responses

  1. I subscribed some time ago, liking the posts at Logo Design Love because it is recognizable. Most of the logo article there is something I might know about or have seen before.

    You might want to consider redesigning the template (making it standout more) of Logo Design Love and add a most popular list of articles and/or a sitemap. For some reason I don’t find the Recent Articles inviting to scroll and read the all articles. You also might want to consider adding next/previous posts below a post. Overall: Great logo website, keep it up!

  2. Congrats David, it’s obviously been a big hit.

    You’re blogs are a constant source of inspiration. Really interesting how your sites have great benefits for you in terms of self promotion and SEO, but they also give the reader a fantastic resource and opportunity to promote themselves and their opinions. Everyone’s a winner.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Sander,

    Excellent tips. I’m not satisfied — unsurprisingly — with the site template, and would love to make it more distinctive. Navigation could be improved, and following your comment, I’ve just added a ‘popular articles’ section, cutting down the ‘recent articles’ in the process. Next / previous links would help, aswell as the ‘related articles’ plugin.


    You’re right. Both blogs work well for self-promotion. What I also find of great value is the interaction they bring, as it can sometimes be lonely working home alone. Good of you to supply some encouragement.

  4. Hi David, congratulations that your blog’s going so well. To be honest, I’m not surprised—you’ve got great content and you know what you’re doing. So, keep it up!

    Funny you mention the Families logo, my girlfriend works at a UK charity for One Parent Families.. who also make use of the three vertical lines; but I think the idea that there’s one large L (i.e only only one parent) works particularly well here.

    Take it easy

  5. Wow 6 months already. You know you could eventually sell it for quite a bit if you have ever thought about it? I’ve come back to your logo resource page many a time, it is great! Here is too 4000 more!

  6. James,

    Nice spot with the additional ‘families’ style logo. I’m pretty sure there are more using the same idea. You take it easy too.


    The thought of selling in future has crossed my mind. It’s something I couldn’t really do with this site, given the personal domain. As for the Ajax Edit Comments, I found it was pulling up an error message in my script (although it did work okay). I’ve deactivated it until I can find out more.

    Having just checked your latest blog post, and viewing the page source, I see the same error message in your header section, caused by the plugin. It looks like this:

    /* < ![CDATA[ */ wpAjax = { noPerm: "You do not have permission to do that.", broken: "An unidentified error has occurred." } /* ]]> */

    So if you want to get right of that, disabling the plugin will do the job. Perhaps it has something to do with the latest plugin update?

  7. Thanks for the heads up about it, I have also disabled Ajax Edit Comments now. I also have the same problem regarding JCD re selling, it is where I get my work from so it is a catch 22. LDL would work :)

  8. Nearly 4000 subscribers in only 4 months is pretty amazing. How many do you think came from this blog? I can see how this could snowball. Either way you do a fantastic job of postingg great content and involving the viewers.

  9. Congrats on a fantastic first 6 months David! 4000 subscribers already is an amazing achievement. Really well done, and well deserved! At that rate it may even take over this blog someday! :D

  10. Ever thought of selecting chunks of information, tips and advice from your sites and getting them published in a book….in the future of course?

    I for one would buy it! Just a thought….

  11. Congratulations on having such a successful startup site, David. I know you say you’ve currently got 4,000 RSS fans, but how about actual site visits? Care to share? Just curious.

    I believe one of the reasons the site is popular is because it’s really well designed and when you post articles, they’re interesting. You’ve not posted them simply because you feel the need to post *something*. Quality over quantity.

    Through LDL, I this, your personal site, Brand New and also a plethora of other external information on other sites because you’re excellent at crediting those who have contributed to your posts. So thank you and keep it up!

  12. Congratulations on 6 months of success!

    Logo Design Love is great
    I dig reading the posts and just signed up for email updates so I don’t miss anything. One of the things I like most about LDL and your own blog here is the community of readers/commentors. The interaction and discussion that takes place after the articles is often as informative/entertaining as the posts themselves. Good job fostering that sort of interest!

    Logo Design Love layout/template
    I personally like the clean easy-to-navigate layout. If you do end up changing it, try and keep that same open, easy feel – it sorta rocks. :)

    Keep up the great work Airey!

  13. P.S. The logo designer resources button is broken (awesome 404 page though, by the way :P

    And one more thing – do I have to do something special to get the “AzAkers latest post…” thing to work? Because mines not showing up – just wondering :)

  14. Wow. I have to admit I hadn’t read the similar logos post until just now and realised that a logo I did a few years ago could be up there too! Check my Claire Borley against the Stadt Bruhl. Ooer. I can promise, hand on heart, that I didn’t rip that one! It really is a complex business the whole rip off subject…

    Congrats on reaching nearly 4,000 subs in 6 months btw :)

  15. Richard,

    I agree with you about the V&A logo. It’s timeless.


    I’m pretty sure a large portion of the LDL subscribers came from There’s no way to be sure, but I put much of the success down to the great subscribers here.


    You’re in my sights. Thanks for the motivation. ;)


    Good question. I’ve been thinking about a small article compilation for some time now. Whether or not to charge for the content is something I’m unsure about, but I believe a free offering would suit better at this point in my online evolution.


    I’d have to double-check on the stats for you, and at present I’m taking a short break visiting family. Next time I’ll be sure to include more comprehensive details.


    Thanks very much for pointing out the broken link. That’s fixed now, but glad you like the 404 page! Not sure why CommentLuv didn’t kick in for your first comment, but as you can see, the second one is fine. Strange.


    I remember you saying the same thing about the Darbar logo (I created a brochure design for them, shown in my portfolio). Seems to be a popular choice. :)

    Daniel, Toon, Josiah,

    Thanks very much!

    Everyone’s compliments / feedback have been great. Good of you all to say.

  16. I remember you saying the same thing about the Darbar logo

    Ah yes, I forgot about that one. Heh, classic style I guess.

  17. Wow, has it really been that long? You’ve done a great job over there, David. I like the way you present logo design and related info. One thing about this article: you may want to link to your Iconic Logo Designers site when you mention it in the paragraph right below the Families logo :D

    I found 100 Unused Logos… on Speak Up today (it’s an old article), and I would love to see something similar with your work! What have you learned about your own logo designing based on client-rejected or unused concepts? Which concepts do you take into digital and then reject yourself before sending to clients? How do you tend to approach logo design?

  18. Andy, tanahsirah, Michael,

    Thanks very much.


    Classic styles indeed. :)


    Nice idea with the ideal opportunity to link to the iconic logo designers site, and thanks a lot for your post suggestions / questions. That 100 unused logos piece is a great feature, and although I’ve read it before, I enjoyed your prompted re-visit.

  19. Congrats on the first 6 months.

    I just re-read the bit you did on similar logo designs. It reminded me of a client I had a few years back. He was an accountant and wanted a shell in his logo design. I don’t remember the exact reason now but it was something his wife wanted. He then produced this massive sheet of paper with different shell designs that the oil company Shell had trademarked. There must have been over fifty on that sheet and they pretty much covered every shell look you could imagine pretty much stopping anyone else having a shell in their logo design.

    This got us on to discussing trademarks and the fact that you can pretty much trademark anything. The problem with this kind of mark is that it can be weak legally and if challenged in court can be overturned. So having the mark does not mean it won’t be challenged. Anyway, I digress. Who fancies taking on Shell.

    Looking forward to the next 6 months David. Well done again.


  20. That sounds like a neat site, I am going to check it out right now. Logo design has never been one of my stronger points, though I am slightly getting better at it :) A little inspiration is never a bad thing!

  21. Simon,

    Interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I smiled when I saw the part about a shell being something your client’s wife wanted.


    Thanks for visiting, and commenting on my Logo Design Love site. Good of you to take the time.

  22. David, its great that this new site of yours has been so successful in such a short space of time. My site is relatively new and isn’t getting the traffic that your receiving but I’m so busy I’m just not getting time to create the articles etc, you must be sponsored by RedBull to maintain these sites and run a busy design office! Whats your secret? :-)

  23. Wow that’s pretty cheeky what they did with Herb Lubalin’s logo. The concept is incredibly similar I am surprised they got away with that, even the first ‘i’ on the left is smaller than the middle ‘i’ yet bigger than the third ‘i’ just like in Lubalin’s logo. I think Lubalin’s logo is still in a different class though. The typography is far more attractive and sits far more comfortably for me than the rounded tate version. Great article though, thanks for the post.

  24. Thanks very much, guys.

    firebubble, I agree that Lubalin’s logo is in a different class, though I was never too keen on the size of the strapline. Perhaps at magazine masthead size it would be absolutely fine. In fact, I’d say it would.

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